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Graphite India Limited or GRAPHITE

GIL or Graphite India was incorporated in 1964 in collaboration with “The Great Lakes Carbon Corporation of USA.” is engaged in the manufacturing of graphite electrodes. The Company set up its first facility at Durgapur in 1967 in East India. In addition to graphite electrodes, the company also produced anodes, other different carbon and graphite products, and calcined petroleum coke. The company has also diversified into specialty products, namely flexible graphite sheets and tubes. It resulted while setting up a specialty division at Bangalore and a graphite equipment glass-reinforced pipes division at Nashik. Currently, the company’s production plants are located at Durgapur, Bangalore, and Nashik. It has also set up a hydel power plant situated in Karnataka with a production capacity of about 18 MW. The Company export 65% of its production to overseas markets with its presence in 50 countries worldwide. Graphite India also undertakes Research and Development activities in the area of carbon-carbon on composites specifically for defense aircraft applications. It also focuses on introducing enhancements while processing to increase productivity, upgrade the carbon composites quality, new and innovative products, and process technology up-gradation. Additionally, the company is also concentrating on tapping the unexplored specialty applications of the graphite. The company owns several subsidiaries such as Graphite International BV and Carbon International Holdings NV. The company has also received ISO 9001: 2000 certification for its quality management. Apart from the Graphite Electrodes, some other main products are –
  • Specialty Carbon and Graphite
  • Impervious Graphite Equipment
  • Calcined Petroleum Coke & Carbon Electrode Paste
  • Glass Reinforced Plastic Pipes
  • High-Speed Steel & Alloy Tool Steels

Some of the Achievements and Recognition:

  • The company has received the Top Exporter Award of CAPEXIL for its export performance.
  • The company holds the status of a Three Star Export House.
  • 2010–11:
  • Won the Best Vendor Delivery Compliance (for Large Enterprise).
  • 2011–12:
  • Won the Rolta Corporate Award 2011.
  • Won the National Award for Export Excellence for 2010–11.
  • Won the National Award for Export Excellence 2009–10.
  • Won the Top Exporter Award ER 2009–10.
  • Won the Special Export Award for 2010–11.
  • Won the ECGC – D&B Indian Exporters’ Excellence Awards 2012.
  • Won the National Award for Export Excellence in 2011–12.
  • 2012–13:
  • National Award 2011–12:
  • Won the Indian Exporter Excellence Award 2012.
  • Won the 12th Annual Greentech Safety Award 2013.

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