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Gujarat State Petronet Limited or GSPL

Gujarat State Petronet or GSPL was incorporated in the year 1998. It was primarily developed to link various supply sources and users of natural gas in Gujarat via a pipeline network. It is India's only company to transmit natural gas to its clients without any trading involved. Also, the company is a subsidiary of Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation or GSPC. It has taken the initiative for developing energy-transportation infrastructure in Gujarat and connecting primary natural gas supply sources and the demand markets. GSPC recognized the primary concern of Gujarat for infrastructure development to support both the future hydrocarbon economy and industry. The company incorporated Gujarat State Petronet with a purpose to develop a high–pressure pipeline network for the transportation of natural gas in Gujarat. The company has received a certification of ISO 9001: 2000 for both operation and maintenance processes. Presently the company operates a medium–to–high-pressure gas transmission grid comprising approximately 1130 km of a natural gas pipeline from Hazira to the Kalol. Also, Gujarat is the first state for planning and executing a state-wide gas grid on the open access principle to become the Petro capital of India. The company has also planned to lay high–pressure pipelines that will cover various industrial belts and major cities of Gujarat. Due to this, the state government has given the Infrastructure Project' status to the company. Also, it is the only gas grid in the country that functions on an open-access basis. Both GSPL and its partners are expected to commission Mallavaram–Bhopal–Bhilwara–Vijapur (1585 km), Mehsana–Bhatinda (1670 km) and Bhatinda–Jammu– Srinagar (740 km) pipeline projects within next 3 years. GSPL has a mulling liquefied natural gas or LNG terminal at Sikka in Jamnagar district on the West Coast. The move is focused at securing supplies for its proposed 4,000 km long cross-country natural gas transmission pipeline.

Some of its Group Companies are:

  • Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation (GSPC)
  • GSPC Gas
  • Sabarmati Gas
  • GSEG
  • GPPC
  • GIPL

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