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On August 7, 1959, the company was being incorporated in Mumbai as Chics Display Services Private Limited. Consequently, the company's name was being changed to Hathway Cable & Datacom Private Limited due to a change in the ownership of our Company, according to the provisions of the Companies Act by a certificate of incorporation as on February 16, 1999. It also became a public limited company, and the word private was also deleted from its name as per the special resolution of the company's shareholders at an extraordinary general meeting held on August 26, 2009, and a fresh certificate of incorporation that was being issued to the company on September 7, 2009. Soon, it entered into the business of providing broadband internet services since March 2000.

Some Important events and milestones:

It has also been awarded the Best MSO as part of the Indian Telly Award for the years 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008.
  • 1998: The Promoters and their relatives acquired a 100% stake in the company as of March 1998.
  • 2000: Also, the NewsCorp acquired a 26% equity interest in the company.
  • 2000: It began providing broadband services on DOCSIS technology.
  • 2002: It acquired 200,000 direct cable television subscribers during the two years ended March 31.
  • 2004: 
  • It introduced digital cable service and also reached 100,000 broadband subscribers.
  • It introduced the distribution of cable television services through addressable systems (or CAS) in a certain CAS notified areas of Chennai, Delhi, and Mumbai.
  • 2007: 
  • Also, Monet was being acquired a 15% equity interest in our Company.
  • It also acquired two major MSOs in Maharashtra such as Hathway Rajesh Multichannel Private Limited and Hathway MCN Private Limited.
  • It acquired 50% equity interest in a large independent MSO in Gujarat such as Gujarat Telelink Private Limited.
  • 2008: It acquired 51% equity interest in Hathway Bhaskar Multinet Private Limited in Madhya Pradesh that was owned a majority of the equity interest in the three large independent MSOs in Chhattisgarh.
  • 2009: 
  • It reached one million digital cable television subscribers.
  • It reached about 320,000 broadband subscribers.
  • It introduced the digital video recorder or DVR service, becoming the first Indian cable television services provider to do so.
  • 2010: G. Subramanian was being appointed as Chief Financial Officer (or CFO) of the Company.
  • 2011: Also, Mr. Hursh Shrivastava was being appointed as the Director of the Company.
  • 2012:
  • The Hathway Cable and Datacom introduced their digital cable TV services in Gujranwala Town (or Model Town), near Delhi University.
  • It introduced digital cable and broadband combo.
  • It introduced the Hindi Music channel in Bangaluru.
  • It introduced HD Services Pan India.
  • 2013:
  • It tied-up with D-Link Direct Service to originate Wi-Fi Broadband Homes to offer high-speed Wi-Fi routers.
  • Also, the MSO Hathway used the highly integrated systems-on-chips (or SoC) from STMicroelectronics (or ST) to power their HD STBs.
  • Also, India´s MSO Hathway installed 6.8 million STBs in both the phase I and II cities during the year.
  • 2014:
  • Hathway launched Hathway CCC Cine Channel and 50 Mpbs Docsis 3.0 ultra-high-speed broadband and 150 additional Standard Definition (SD) channels and four additional High Definition (HD) TV channels.
  • It introduced online & TV Service, H-tube and HD Personal Video Recorder.
  • It came in collaboration with EROS to introduce broadband movie services.

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