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Stock Analysis Summary: HDFCBANK

HDFCBANK Technical and Fundamental Analysis

Date Open High Low LTP Close Volume Delivery Vol
2019-07-19 2415.00 2420.70 2367.00 2379.50 2375.65 2,234,807 55%
2019-07-18 2403.00 2429.00 2401.90 2414.75 2411.90 2,700,646 49%
2019-07-17 2392.95 2411.60 2391.30 2401.90 2397.45 1,939,934 58%
2019-07-16 2418.00 2418.00 2382.00 2393.00 2391.20 3,192,642 60%
2019-07-15 2396.00 2403.00 2377.35 2398.00 2394.75 2,058,296 68%
2019-07-12 2418.00 2418.00 2385.05 2390.00 2393.90 2,244,068 59%
2019-07-11 2403.00 2414.00 2395.65 2403.75 2407.15 2,274,399 60%
*Markets are currently closed.

HDFCBANK breached the lows of past 6 days - 2366 to act as intraday support.
No visible trend on daily charts

HDFCBANK is trading near the Bottom of the day's range. Lower High and Lower Low compared to previous day. Bearish
Day's Range: 2367.00 ~ 2420.70
HDFCBANK opened at 2415.00 compared to previous close of 2411.90

1 candlestick pattern: none
2 candlestick pattern: The candlestick pattern formed is Bearish Engulfing
3 candlestick pattern: none

HDFCBANK day chart has unfilled gap up dated: 2018-11-16 1980.00~1977.30 to act as support.
HDFCBANK day chart has unfilled gap up dated: 2017-02-17 1360.45~1333.00 to act as support.

Classic Pivot

S4 2226.68
S3 2280.38
S2 2334.08
S1 2354.87
LTP = 2379.5
Pivot 2387.78
R1 2408.57
R2 2441.48
R3 2495.18
R4 2548.88

Woodie's Pivot

S4 2280.75
S3 2334.45
S2 2350.73
LTP = 2379.5
S1 2388.15
Pivot 2404.43
R1 2441.85
R2 2458.13
R3 2495.55
R4 2549.25

Fibonacci Pivots

S3 2334.08
S2 2354.59
S1 2367.27
LTP = 2379.5
Pivot 2387.78
R1 2408.3
R2 2420.98
R3 2441.48

Camarilla Pivots

S4 2346.12
S3 2360.88
S2 2365.81
S1 2370.73
LTP = 2379.5
R1 2380.57
R2 2385.5
R3 2390.42
R4 2405.19

*pivot points are calculated based on the closing data of 2019-07-19

Day's Range (.)

20 Day Range (.)

50 Day Range (.)

52-Week Range (.)

20-Day SMA: 2,429.8

20-Day average volume: 2,587,924

HDFCBANK has average daily volume of 2,587,924 compared to today's volume of 2,235,000. It is currently trading Below 20 day simple moving average.

Intraday Bearish!!!

50-Day SMA: 2,411.3
50-Day average volume: 2,783,294
It is currently trading about 5% below it's 52-week high.

HDFC Bank Limited or HDFCBANK

The HDFC Bank was incorporated in August 1994 by the name of 'HDFC Bank Limited,' with its registered office in Mumbai, India. It is commenced for its operations as a Scheduled Commercial Bank in January 1995. The Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC) was among the first to receive an 'in principle' approval from the RBI or Reserve ..Bank of India to set-up a bank particularly in the private sector and as a part of the RBI's liberalization of the Indian Banking Industry in 1994. Its headquarters are located in Mumbai, and it also has an excellent network of about 1416 branches which are spread over 550 cities across India. And all of its offices are linked mainly via an online real-time basis. The customers in over 500 locations are also serviced via Telephone Banking. It has a network of about over 3382 networked ATMs across these cities. The promoter of the company HDFC was also incepted in 1977 is India's most premier housing finance company which enjoys an impeccable track record in India as well as in international markets. It has also developed significant expertise in the retail mortgage loans to different market segments with a substantial corporate client base for its housing-related various credit services. And with its experience in the financial markets, a strong market reputation, a significant shareholder base, and a unique consumer franchise. Also, it was ideally positioned to promote a bank in this particular Indian Market. Also, its shares are being listed on the BSE or Bombay Stock Exchange Limited and NSE or the National Stock Exchange of India Limited. The Bank's American Depository Shares or ADS are listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the symbol of 'HDB,' and also the Bank's Global Depository Receipts (GDRs) are being listed on Luxembourg Stock Exchange. As on May 23, 2008, the amalgamation of Centurion Bank of Punjab with HDFC Bank was being approved by the Reserve Bank of India to complete the legal and regulatory approval procedure. As per the scheme of amalgamation, CBoP shareholders received one share of HDFC Bank for every 29 shares of CBoP. Now, the merged entity holds a strong deposit base of around INR 1, 22,000 crore and with its net advances of approximately INR 89,000 crores. The balance sheet size, including the combined entity, would be about INR 1, 63,000 crore. Also, the amalgamation that was added had a significant value to HDFC Bank in terms of the increased branch network, and geographic reach, and customer base, and with the bigger pool of skilled workforce. And if we talk about a milestone transaction in the Indian banking industry, and Times Bank Limited which is another new private sector bank promoted by Bennett, and Coleman & Co. / Times Group was being merged with the HDFC Bank Ltd., and it was effective on February 26, 2000. The HDFC Bank offers various types of banking services and treasury products to wholesale and retail customers.

The Bank has three primary business sections:

  1. Wholesale Banking Services –
In this, the Bank's target market ranges from the large, and blue-chip manufacturing companies in the Indian corporate sector to the small & mid-sized corporates, also including the agri–based business.
  1. Retail Banking Services:
The main objective of this business is to provide its target market customers a full range of financial products and banking services, by giving the customer a one-stop window for all of his/her banking requirements and needs.
  1. The Treasury –
It is within this business, and the Bank has three main product areas – Foreign Exchange and Derivatives, and Local Currency Money Market & Debt Securities, and Equities. This business is responsible for managing the returns and market risk on this investment portfolio. The HDFC Securities (HSL) and HDB Financial Services (HDBFSL) are also its subsidiaries.

Here are some services which are offered by the company:

  1. Personal Banking:
  • Accounts & Deposits
  • Loans
  • Cards
  • Forex
  • Investments & Insurance
  1. NRI Banking:
  • Accounts & Deposits
  • Remittances
  • Investments & Insurance Loans Payment Services
  1. Wholesale Banking:
  • Corporate
  • Small & Medium Enterprises
  • Financial Institutions & Trusts
  • Government Sector

Some of the Achievements:

The HDFC Bank was the first Bank in India to launch an International Debit Card in association with VISA (VISA Electron) and issued the MasterCard Maestro debit card as well.
  1. 2013:
  • IBA Banking Technology Awards 2012–13 – The Best Technology Bank of Year – Winner
  • The Best Internet Bank – Winner
  • The Best Customer Management Initiative – Winner
  • The Best use of Mobility Technology in Banking.

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