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HEG Limited or HEG

HEG was incorporated in 1972 as Hindustan Electro–Graphite and it is among the leading graphite electrode manufacturer in India. The company also owns one of the largest integrated graphite electrode plants in the South–East Asia that processes sophisticated UHP (Ultra High Power) Electrodes. HEG is a flagship company of the LNJ Bhilwara group, and it exports over 80% of its production to about more than 25 countries. It includes the USA, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Australia, South Korea, and many more. Company has clientele including the majors such as ArcelorMittal, Posco, ThyssenKrupp, US Dynamics, Nucor, Severstal, and Usinor, to name few. The company has an employee strength of about 1100 employees.

Research and Development:

The Company also has a dedicated R&D Set–up for the Carbon and Graphite. The company operates a separate R&D facility that focuses on working on developmental projects as well as the projects to sustain and enhance the competitiveness of the company. This company the facility has entered into a collaboration with a well-known organization. Such as IIT or Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, RRL (Regional Research Laboratory, CSIR) Bhopal,  CEFES (The Center for Environment, and Fire & Explosive Safety), New Delhi, are some amongst the others.

Some of the Business Division:

Graphite Electrode– It is the core business, and in this division accounts for 80% of the revenue. In 1977, the company entered into a technical and financial collaboration with the Societe Des Electrodes Et Refractaires Savoie (SERS), a subsidiary of Pechiney of France. Also, the manufacturing facility of the Company is located at the Mandideep (Madhya Pradesh). At present, the Mandideep has an aggregate production capacity of about 60,000 TPA. Now, the company has set up a Coal Based 25 MW Captive Power Plant in the year 2005. Power– the Company has set up a group first hydropower project having a power-producing capacity of about 13.5 MW. This facility is located at the Hoshanabad (Madhya Pradesh). In 1992, the company set up a coal-based sponge iron division with the SIIL technology (basically SL/RN process from Lurgi, Germany). This Steel Plant has a captive capacity of about 12.8 MW capacity. Carbon Speciality– This particular HEG operates on division, such as activated carbon fabric (ACF), Carbon Blocks, and Graphite Specialties. As ACF, is highly porous and used in forms such as granular, palletized, powdered, and molded. ACF also has several applications in Air–conditioner filters, Air purifying filters, Clean rooms, all other types of pollution control filters, Refrigerator deodorizer and Cigarette filters. Also, the company manufactures Fine Grain Carbon Blocks on special orders. Company Graphite Specialties division manufactures various graphite products in the specific sizes and shapes as per the customer requirements. LNJ Bhilwara Group (that is a Parent Company) LNJ Bhilwara Group was established in 1961 as a textile mill located at Bhilwara, Rajasthan and L. N. Jhunjhunwala founded it. Today the group has diversified in various businesses such as textiles, graphite electrodes, power and IT. Also, the New DevelopmentsHEG is expanding its captive power generation capacity by 33 MW by investing INR 90 crore. And any surplus in power the company also plans to sell the State Electricity Board. The company also plans to increase its graphite electrode capacity to 80,000 TPA. It is accomplished through the brownfield expansion and debottlenecking of the existing capabilities, this project also requires a capital cost of INR 190 crore.

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