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In 2006, Indiabulls Real Estate (or IBREL) was being incorporated, which is India's third-largest property company. It has several development projects in the commercial, residential, hotels, malls, and Special Economic Zone (or SEZ) segments. The Company's project portfolio also includes high-end office and commercial spaces, an integrated township, premium residential developments, luxury resorts, and SEZs. IBREL has projects with a total land area above 10000 acres.

Some of the Projects:

Commercial Development: Under this segment, it has several projects for developing commercial infrastructure. And some of its projects are Indiabulls Finance Mills, One Indiabulls Centre, and India Bulls Mega Mall project. Residential development: Under this segment, it has various residential developments across the whole country such as Vatika, Ahmedabad, Centrum, Madurai and Hyderabad, Enigma, Gurgoan, Sonepat Township, and so many more. Special Economic Zone (or SEZ): It is also in the development of SEZs such as Nashik SEZ. In September 2007, the company also ventured into the power business and developed several power projects across the whole country and internationally. The company is also participating in coal-based thermal, hydro, and renewable energy projects with an aggregate capacity of 9412 MW.

Some of the Achievements:

The Company's commercial project One Indiabulls Centre (or One BC) has received a LEED (or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) gold rating. It is also among 100 gold rated buildings in the entire world.

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