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It was initially being promoted in 1994 by ICICI Limited, which is an Indian financial institution, and also was its wholly-owned subsidiary. Its shareholding in ICICI Bank was also reduced to 46% via a public offering of shares in India in the fiscal year 1998, and an equity offering in the form of ADRs being listed on the NYSE in the fiscal year 2000. Also, its acquisition of Bank of Madura Limited is an all-stock amalgamation in the fiscal year 2001, and even the secondary market sales by ICICI to institutional investors in the fiscal year 2001 and 2002. In 1955, it was being formed at the initiative of the World Bank, and the Government of India and several representatives of the Indian industry. The main objective was to create a development financial institution for offering both the medium-term as well as long-term project financing to several Indian businesses. In the 1990s, it also transformed its business from a development financial institution offering only project finance to a complete diversified financial services group that offers a spectrum of products and services, and both directly and via a number of subsidiaries and affiliates such as ICICI Bank. In 1999, it also became the first Indian company and the first bank or a financial institution from non-Japan Asia to be listed on the NYSE. Currently, it has subsidiaries in the UK, Canada, Russia, and several branches in the United States, Bahrain, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Qatar, Hong Kong, and Dubai International Finance Centre and the other representative offices in the UAE, South Africa, Bangladesh, China, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Also, its UK subsidiary has established branches in both Belgium and Germany. Its equity shares are being listed in India on the Bombay Stock Exchange, as well as the National Stock Exchange of India Limited and also its American Depositary Receipts (or ADRs) are listed on the NYSE or New York Stock Exchange.

Services offered by the company:

  • Deposits
  • Loans
  • Cards
  • Investments & Insurance
  • Demat Account

Some of the NRI Services:

  • Money Transfer
  • Bank Accounts
  • Investment
  • Home Loans
  • Insurance
  • Loans against FD

Some of the Achievements:

  • 2014:
  • It was also honored as The Best Service Provider - Risk Management, India during the Asset Triple A Transaction Treasury, Banking, Trade and Risk Management Awards in 2014.
  • It won The Corporate Treasurer Awards 2013 in the sections of the 'Best Cash Management Bank in India' & the 'Best Trade Finance Bank in India.'
  • It was awarded the 'Best Retail Bank in India,' and the 'Best Microfinance Business' and the Best Retail Banking Branch Innovation' under the 'Excellence in Retail Financial Services awards in 2014' by The Asian Banker.
  • 2013:
  • It has been an adjudged winner at the Express IT Innovation Award under the Large Enterprise sector.
  • It won awards under the categories of 'Most Innovative Bank' and the 'Most Innovative use of Multi-Channel Infrastructure' during the Indian Bank's Association's BANCON Innovation Awards in 2013.
  • It won the Asian Banking & Finance Retail Banking Award in 2013 for the Online Banking Initiative of the Year.
  • It won an award under the Social Media category at the InformationWeek EDGE Award.
  • It received the award for 'Best Private Sector Banker' by the Sunday Standard Best Bankers Awards in 2013.
  • It was awarded the 'Best Banker - All round expansion' by the Sunday Standard Best Bankers Awards in 2013.
  • It won 'Best Banker - Efficiency & Profitability' by the Sunday Standard Best Bankers Awards in 2013.
  • It won the Trade Finance Magazine Award for Excellence 2013, under the section of 'Asia Pacific Awards: Best Trade Bank in India.'
  • It also received the Asian Banking & Finance Wholesale Banking Awards in 2013 for the India Domestic Trade Finance Bank of the Year.

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