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IndusInd Bank or INDUSINDBK

It was incorporated in April 1994, and it has also derived its name from the Indus Valley civilization. This particular bank was the vision of the Srichand P Hinduja, a Non–Resident Indian businessman and even the head of the Hinduja Group. After a decade of its incorporation, in June 2004, the bank was being merged with the Ashok Leyland Finance, which is among the most significant leasing finance and also hires the purchase companies across India. It has emerged as one of the fastest–growing banks in the banking sector in India. Currently, it has an efficient network of 180 branches along with the 183 ATMs across the country. It was begun in 1994, has 573 branches, and 1055 ATMs spread across the 392 different locations of the country. They also have representative offices in both London as well as Dubai, which is catering to every need of the customer. It is the first Indian bank which received the ISO 9001:2000 certification for its corporate office and the entire network of branches. It has also come into a strategic alliance with the Religare Securities for offering value-added 3 in 1 savings accounts, linked package to customers which comprises of a savings bank account, and depository account, and an Internet trading account.

Some of the Products and Services:

  • Personal Banking: It offers various types of products and facilities such as deposits, loans, insurance, investments, forex services, online services, demat services, and wealth management services.
  • NRI Banking: It offers facilities such as money transfer, investment products such as mutual funds, international deposits, online share trading, etc. The bank also provides few property solutions and insurance loans.

Some of the Awards:

  • 2009–10:
  • It was awarded the 'Best Priority Sector Bank' amongst the private sector banks by Duns & Bradstreet.
  • It was awarded the 'Technology Bank of the Year–2009' from IBA.
  • It is recognized for 'Best Performance in Credit Quality' by Financial Express.
  • 2010–11:
  • The Most Improved Bank Performance of the Year' awarded by Bloomberg UTV Financial Leadership Awards 2011.
  • The Winner of the 'Best Use of technology in training and e-Learning Initiatives' awarded by IBA Banking Technology Awards 2010.
  • The Runners up of 'Best Risk Management' Initiatives awarded by IBA Banking Technology Awards 2010.
  • The Silver Winner of 'Excellence in Business Process Management and Workflow in Australia and Asia Region' Global awards by Workflow Management Coalition and BPM.com, USA.
  • The Talisma User awards for 'Enterprise Adoption' of CRM– 2010.
  • It was ranked 2nd in the fastest growing Bank (mid-size) category – published in "India's Best Banks" report by Business World and PWC.
  • ' Excellence Award' as the 2nd best New Generation Bank in Kerala for its second consecutive year which was awarded by the State Forum of Bankers Clubs, Kerala.
  • 2011–12:
  • It was awarded as the "Best Bank Mid-sized" in Business world–PwC Best Banks Survey 2011.
  • It was awarded as the "Best Mid–Sized Bank" in Business Today –KPMG Best Banks Survey 2011.
  • It was awarded M.IT.R– 50 Marketing & IT Recognition Program amongst the top 50 brands –organized by Paul Writer in association with IBM.
  • The CII Environmental Best Practice Award 2012 was received for "The Most Innovative Project."
  • It was awarded in the "Business Enterprise Services" category for running ATMs on solar power – Organized by Panasonic Green Globe Foundation.
  • It was awarded the status of 'Star Brand 2011 ICMR Star Brands of India Survey.
  • 2012–13:
    • IBA Banking Technology Awards
    • 1st Runners– Up
      • Best Risk Management & IT Security
      • Best Use of Technology in training & e-Learning
  • 2nd Runners–Up
    • Best Online Bank
    • Best use of Business Intelligence
    • Best use of Mobility technology in Banking
  • It was awarded as the "The best bank award among small banks for 'IT for Operational Effectiveness' by the Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology (IDRBT)."
  • It was awarded as the "Top Green IT Enterprise Award 2012 – CIO Magazine."

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