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It was being incorporated as Infibeam Incorporation Limited as of June 30, 2010, at Ahmedabad, and the RoC issued Gujarat as a public limited company under the Companies Act, 1956 and a certificate of incorporation as of June 30, 2010. The RoC issued a certificate of commencement of business on July 3, 2010. Also, the date of this Red Herring Prospectus, with 196 members.

Some of the Milestones:

  • 2011:
  • It launched 10.00 million SKUs across multiple categories and also launched rewards platform Crossword, Tata AIG, and more than 100 Brands.
  • It also entered into a memorandum of understanding with the Government of Gujarat to power rural e-commerce through Vishwagram.
  • 2012: It launched the Buildabazaar enterprise platform.
  • 2013:
  • It established INDENT with Sony Music for digital downloads and distribution.
  • It launched JIVE HD on sony Experia phones in Asia.
  • It integrated travel technology solutions in the Buildabazaar platform for travel and theme park ticketing.
  • It expanded the Buildabazaar platform for International clients.
  • 2014:
  • It launched Adlabs Imagica on Buildabazaar large theme park implementation.
  • It also acquired 100% of OdigMa Consultancy Solutions Private Limited for providing online marketing services to merchants.
  • It also launched Shipdroid for merchants to use last-mile logistics solution software.
  • It launched the OOO global top-level domain (gTLD).
  • 2015: It launched a login by Infibeam to drive traffic to sites using the buildabazaar platform.

Some of the Achievements:

  • 2011:
  • It received the Gesia Awards 2010.
  • It also received the "Best Innovation by an ICT company- Gujarat."
  • 2015:
  • Also, Infibeam.com was awarded Varindia Top 100 Most Trusted Companies Of 2014.
  • And, BuildaBazaar.com was also conferred with the "Game-Changing Idea of the Year" Award by Economic Times at ET Retail Awards 2014.
  • 2016: It also signed a MoU with IL&FS for implementing digital projects.

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