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Indian Oil Corporation (or IOC), which is India’s flagship national oil company and downstream petroleum major, was being incorporated as on June 30, 1959, as Indian Oil Company. Soon, it was renamed as Indian Oil Corporation as on September 1, 1964, following the merger of Indian Refineries (established in 1958) with it. It also owns and operates ten of India's 20 refineries, along with a combined refining capacity of about 60.2 million metric tonnes per annum (or MMTPA, .i.e. 1.2 million barrels in a day). It includes two refineries of a subsidiary named, Chennai Petroleum Corporation. Also, its cross-country network of crude oil and product pipelines, with spanning over 10,000 km and is also the largest in India that meets the vital energy requirements of the consumers in an economical, efficient, and environment-friendly manner. It also operates the largest as well as the broadest network of petrol and diesel stations in India, estimating over 18,278. Soon, it also reached Indane cooking gas to the doorsteps of more than 53 million households in about 2,700 markets via a network of approximately 5,000 Indane distributors. Also, it’s ISO-9002 certified Aviation Service commands over 63% of the market share in the aviation fuel business and also meets the fuel needs of both domestic and international flag carriers, and private airlines and the Indian Defence Services. It also enjoys a dominant share of the bulk consumer business, including state transport undertakings, railways, and agricultural, industrial, and marine sectors. Its world-class R&D Centre is considered as Asia's finest. Besides, pioneering work in lubricant formulation, refinery processes, pipeline transportation, and alternative fuels, the center is also the nodal agency in the Indian hydrocarbon category for ushering in hydrogen fuel economy in India. Also, it has set up a commercial Hydrogen-CNG station at an Indian Oil retail outlet located in New Delhi within the same year. It also holds 214 active patents that include 113 international patents. Currently, it is forging ahead on a well laid-out road map via vertical integration- upstream into oil exploration and production (or E&P) and downstream into petrochemicals-and also diversification into biofuels, natural gas marketing, wind power projects, besides globalization of its several downstream operations. In the natural gas business, it also sold 1.849 million tonnes of the product in 2008-09. Also, the technology innovation is being initiated to reach LNG (or Liquefied Natural Gas) directly to the doorstep of bulk consumers in several cryogenic containers for both industrial as well as captive power applications. It has also tied up with many players such as OIL, Adani Energy, Reliance Gas Corporation, and ONGC, and more, to set up joint ventures in many cities of India. It has also entered into franchise agreements, along with CGD players such as Mahanagar Gas Limited, Indraprastha Gas Ltd, GSPC Gas Limited, Adani Energy Limited, GEECL, and SITI Energy to market CNG via its retail outlets. Also, to straddle the entire biofuel value chain, it formed a joint venture with the Chhattisgarh Renewable Development Authority (or CREDA) with an equity holding of about 74% and 26% respectively. Also, it has been formed for carrying out cultivating, farming, manufacturing, production, and the sale of biomass, biofuels, and other allied products and services. Also, it has forayed into wind energy business with the commissioning of an INR 130 crore, and 21 MW wind power project located in Kutch district, Gujarat. Also, the cumulative power generation from the 14 wind turbine generators crossed about 159 lakh KW from its commissioning in January 2009. It has also commissioned the two pilot solar lantern charging stations at its Kisan Seva Kendra located at Sathla near Chokoni and Meerut near Bareilly. It has subsidiaries in Mauritius, Sri Lanka and the United Arab Emirates (or UAE), and is also concurrently scouting for new business events in the energy markets of both Asia and Africa.

Some of the Global Ventures:

LIOC or Lanka IOC Plc operates about 150 petrol & diesel stations in Sri Lanka and also has a very efficient lube marketing network. It consists of major facilities that include an oil terminal located at Trincomalee, and Sri Lanka's largest petroleum storage facility and about 18,000 tonnes per annum capacity lubricants blending plant, with state-of-the-art fuels as well as lubricants testing laboratory located at Trincomalee. Now, it holds a market share of about 40%, and in a highly competitive bunker market, it caters to all types of bunker fuels as well as lubricants at all ports of Colombo, Sri Lanka, viz, Trincomalee, and Galle. Also, its market share in petrol is about 24.8% in 2008, with an overall market share of approximately 16.9%. IOML or Indian Oil has an overall market share of about 22% and also commands a 35% market share in aviation fuelling business, and apart from its bunkering business. Also, it operates a modern petroleum bulk storage terminal located at Mer Rouge port, besides about 17 filling stations. IOME or Indian Oil Middle-East FZE is the UAE subsidiary, and IOC Middle East FZE that oversees the business expansion in the Middle East, and is also mainly into the blending and marketing of SERVO lubricants as well as marketing of petroleum products in Africa, Middle East, and CIS countries. Also, the finished lubes exported to Oman, Qatar, Yemen, Bahrain, UAE, and Nepal. A world-scale paraxylene/purified terephthalic acid plant (annual capacities: PX-3,63,000 tonnes, and PTA - 5,53,000 tonnes) specifically for polyester intermediates is already in operation located at Panipat, whereas a naphtha cracker has a capacity of about 800,000 tonnes of ethylene p.a., 6,00,000 TPA of Propylene, and besides an annual production of about 3,25,000 TPA of Mono Ethylene Glycol, and 1,40,000 TPA of Butadiene, and 6,50,000 TPA of Polyethylene and about 6,00,000 TPA of Polypropylene, is being equipped with downstream polymer units are to be accomplished until December 2009 at Panipat. Also, it is India's largest commercial company, with the sales turnover of about INR 2, 85,337 crore, which is the highest-ever for an Indian company. It also has a net profit of INR 2, 950 crores in 2008-09. The Company is also the highest-ranked Indian company in the prestigious Fortune 'Global 500' listing and has also moved up 11 places to the 105th position in the year 2009. In petrochemicals, it is envisaging an investment of about INR 20,000 crore (or $4 billion) until 2011–12. Also, via the world’s largest single-train Linear Alkyl Benzene (or LAB) plant with an annual capacity of about 1,20,000 tonnes was set up at its Gujarat Refinery, and it has already captured a vital market share of LAB in India, besides exporting the product to Turkey, Indonesia, Thailand, Oman, Vietnam, and Norway.

Some of the Achievements:

  • 2010:
  • It received a Master Brand Award 2010 for SERVO.
  • It won the Retail Excellence Award for the 4th consecutive year.
  • It won the Oil & Gas manufacturing Supply Chain Excellence Award.
  • 2011:
  • It won the India Pride Award.
  • It won the Asian Leadership Award.
  • It won the Customer & Brand Loyalty Award.
  • It won the National Award for Innovative Training Practices.
  • 2012:
  • It bags award at South-East CEO Conclave & Awards 2012.
  • It won the prestigious Hart Energy Award.
  • It won the SCOPE Excellence Award 2009-10.
  • 2013:
  • The Vijayawada BP bags National Safety Awards.
  • The Panipat Refinery & Petrochemical Complex received the Safety Innovation Award 2013.
  • The Mangalore Terminal bags National Safety Council (Karnataka Chapter) Award 2013.
  • The Haldia Refinery bags Safety Innovation Award 2013.
  • Also, NRPL bags Safety Innovation Award 2013.
  • It bags Greentech Safety Award.
  • Its solar LED lamp won the CII - National Innovative Product Award.
  • The Haldia Refinery conferred the Greentech Safety Award.
  • The Mathura Refinery bags Greentech Safety Award 2013.
  • The Bongaigaon Refinery bags Golden Peacock Eco-Innovation Award.

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