68.25.00INR + 1.85 (+ 2.79%) VOLUME : 687000
    Average Volume
  • 5-Day 708,000.00
  • 20-Day 717,599.95
  • 3-Months 5,930,099.98


Price Table

Date Open High GREEN: if High is higher than last 2 days high
RED: if high is lower than last 2 days high
Low GREEN:if Low is higher than last 2 days low
RED: if low is lower than last 2 days low
LTP Close GREEN:if Day's Closing is near the Day's High
RED: if low is lower than last 2 days low
Volume Delivery % 20 Day SMA GREEN: if Day's Closing is above 20-Day SMA
RED: if Day's Closing is below 20-Day SMA
50 Day SMA GREEN: if Day's Closing is above 50-Day SMA
RED: if Day's Closing is below 50-Day SMA
100 Day SMA GREEN: if Day's Closing is above 100-Day SMA
RED: if Day's Closing is below 100-Day SMA
200 Day SMA GREEN: if Day's Closing is above 200-Day SMA
RED: if Day's Closing is below 200-Day SMA
18-Oct-19 66.40 68.90 66.40 68.25 68.55 686,912 61% 63.29 65.74 67.84 68.21
17-Oct-19 64.65 66.60 63.20 66.50 66.40 891,887 62% 63.09 65.72 67.82 68.20
16-Oct-19 63.60 65.45 63.00 65.20 64.70 514,890 44% 63.03 65.75 67.82 68.22
15-Oct-19 60.05 64.00 59.70 63.30 63.05 1,249,666 37% 63.14 65.84 67.86 68.26
14-Oct-19 60.55 61.00 59.50 59.70 59.75 196,307 62% 63.33 65.96 67.90 68.30
11-Oct-19 61.50 62.00 60.30 60.80 60.95 220,200 51% 63.64 66.12 67.98 68.36
10-Oct-19 61.45 62.15 60.75 61.50 61.30 186,567 36% 63.95 66.27 68.04 68.41


Key Data

Day High Low Range

Time Lowest Highest
10 AM 66.40 67.20
11 AM 66.40 67.50
12 PM 66.40 68.40
1 PM 66.40 68.40
2 PM 66.40 68.40

Company Profile - JSWENERGY Ltd.

JSW Energy Limited or JSWENERGY

JSWEL or JSW Energy was incorporated as Jindal Tractebel Power Company Limited under the Companies Act, 1956 as on 10 March 1994, in Mumbai. The Company name was changed to Jindal Thermal Power Company on 17 January 2002. Consequently, the company name was also changed to JSW Energy Limited on 7 December 2005. It is a group company of the Jindal South West or JSW group led by Sajjan Jindal. Other companies in JSW are JSW Steel Limited, JSW Port, Jindal South West Mining Limited, Jindal Praxair Oxygen Company Limited or JPOCL, and investment companies. The Company is the first Independent Power Producer or IPP to be set up in Karnataka. The company has set up 2 units each of 130 MW, and both the units produce power using Corex gas and coal. It also supplies power to JSW Steel Ltd. and the Power Trading Corporation. The Company commenced its commercial operation on 18 January 2000, and also achieved Plant Load Factor (PLF) ... of approximately more than 95% continuously. The company is also an established energy company with 860 megawatts of operational generating capacity and 2,790 MW of making capacity during the construction or implementation phase, 135 MW of, which has been commissioned. Besides, it has several power generation projects at an early stage of underdevelopment along with a proposed combined installed capacity of about 7,740 MW. It is believed that it is one of the first entrants in the business of power trading. Currently, maximum revenue is derived from the power generation. The Company's goal and strategy are to become a full-service leading integrated power company in the Indian power sector, along with its presence across the value chain. And to be the part of such a strategy and manage sustainable growth and minimize the potential constraints on such increment. The Company has also entered into various joint ventures for the development of transmission lines for its power generation projects, coal and lignite mining to obtain captive fuel supply for sure of its power generation projects and the production of steam turbines and generators for the power plants. Currently, it is exploring opportunities in coal mine acquisitions, power distribution business, and generation via non–conventional energy sources. In 2010, the company announced the Commencement of Generation of Power of Unit II and in 2011, the Commencement of Generation of Power of Unit III.

Business Areas:

  • The company sells power via a combination of long–term and short–term power purchase arrangements and also via the power exchanges in India to state-owned utilities, power trading companies, and some industrial consumers. The Company sells power on a short–term basis via its power trading company, JSWPTC, under a MoU with JSWPTC.
  • The Company has been awarded the Operation & Maintenance contract of the 100 MW Captive Power Plant in JSW Steel Limited. JSW Steel Limited is implementing the agreements of O & M for the 130 MW Captive Power Plant at JSW Steel Ltd. and the 2 x 30 MW Power Plant at SISCOL. It will be entrusted to JSW Energy Ltd. after its commercial operation declaration. Also, Raj West Power Ltd or RWPL is a subsidiary of JSW Energy Ltd is implementing a 1000 MW Lignite based power plant at Barmer, Rajasthan. The other subsidiary named JSW Energy (Ratnagiri) Ltd, (JSWERL) is implementing a 1200 MW Coal-fired power plant at Jaigad, Ratnagiri District, Maharashtra.
  • JSW Energy (in Vijayanagar) Ltd, (JSWEVL) is implementing a 2 X 300 MW power plant at Toranagallu, Bellary. It has also signed an MOU with Govt. of Gujarat to implement a 1000 MW power plant in Junagarh District in Gujarat. Plans are also on to execute power projects in several states such as West Bengal, Jharkhand, and Andhra Pradesh. It is also pursuing strategies to enter the hydro sector in states such as Himachal Pradesh and Sikkim. The Company is also planning its foray into the transmission sector.

Some of the Achievements and Recognition:

The company strictly follows environmental standards and its Environmental Management System or EMS has been certified as ISO 14001 compliant by BVQI. JSWEL is also ISO 9001–2000 and ISO 18001 certified Company.