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On April 2, 1976, KIOCL Ltd, which is a wholly-owned Government of India Enterprise, was being established. Also, it is Asia's largest iron ore mining and pelletization complex, and also India's the most significant 100% export oriented unit engaged in the business of exporting high-quality iron oxide pellets as well as pig iron. The company name was also changed from the Kudremukhore to KIOCL ltd as on January 22, 2009. It has its headquarters located at Bangalore with the Company's mining and beneficiation facilities located at Kudremukh and iron oxide pelletization complex and Pig Iron unit at the well-connected coastal city of Mangalore in Karnataka. About 3.5 million tonne capacity Pellet Plant complex consists of the Filter Plant, Wet grinding mills, mechanized ship-loading unit, Roll Press, 28–MW captive power plant, Pelletization discs, Furnace, and many more. It also added to its fleet a new unit of the Pig Iron complex known as KIOCL Ltd, which is located at the Bykampady Industrial area in Mangalore by a merger with it w.e.f. 01.04.2007. Its merged unit, which is named as Blast Furnace Unit (or BFU) possesses a Blast Furnace of about 350 cu. Mtrs that produces approximately 2,30,000 tonnes per annum of the high-grade pig iron of low phosphorus and low sulfur content. And both Pelletization Complex and Blast Furnace Unit have their captive power plants to meet their energy needs. It was being established for developing the mine as well as plant facilities to produce about 7.5 million tonnes of concentrate in a year. Also, both the mine and plant facilities were commissioned in the year 1980, and the first shipment of concentrate was also made in October 1981. In 1987, a pelletization plant, along with a capacity of 3 million tones per year was commissioned for the production of high-quality blast furnace and direct reduction grade pellets for export purposes. Also, the Legend and wild beauty, Kudremukh, in the State of Karnataka, is known to be one of the largest iron ore deposits in the whole world. Also, the annual capacity of the Pellet Plant is to produce approximately 3.5 million tonnes & 2.16 lakh tonnes of Pig Iron needed by the discerning consumers from the steel industry globally and also for the domestic market. Also, the idea of beneficiating the ore deposits was being proposed when several Japanese companies came together with the National Mineral Development Corporation (or NMDC), a Government of India undertaking, and also reveals an interest in such a project. The concentrate can be transported to Mangalore, on the coast of the Arabian Sea, about 110 k.m. to the west of Kudremukh. But the global steel industry went into decline in the late sixties, and the Japanese withdrew. Also, the interest was being revived in early 1970, when Iran drew up its plans for the ambitious domestic steel industry and was looking forward to a reliable supplier of iron ore. Then, Kudremukh seemed like an ideal, abundant, and near to the sea, and an agreement was soon reached. Earlier, Iran agreed to finance the project in the form of a $630 million loan, and 150 million tonnes of the concentrate was to be delivered in about 15 years. In April 1976, the company was formed with an annual capacity of about 7.5 million tons that was to be completed in August 1980. And the shipments were to commenced in September 1980. Iron ore trade in the world is considered to be fiercely competitive. And KIOCL has now established itself as a reliable supplier of iron ore concentrates and iron oxide pellets for several discerning customers in the international market. Also, on account of the marketing awareness and crisis management skills of the KIOCL, it could adapt itself to the changed market situation, such as caused by the loss of the Iranian market. Also, the company's products are now being exported to Japan, China, Iran, and Taiwan in the other international market besides catering to several consumers in the domestic market such as Vikram Ispat, Ispat Industries, and Jindal Vijayanagar Steel Limited. In India, the largest iron ore mine was being designed for producing 22.6 million tons of crude ore per year, along with with a daily production capacity of ROM 100,000 tones. The mine was also planned for three-shift operation, and the blast holes of 12 dia were drilled in 14m benches.

Some of the Achievements:

  • It was the Country's prestigious 100% export oriented unit and also a Mini Rathna Corporation.
  • It is the public sector Company, under the Ministry of Steel that has a good track record of commitment to customer satisfaction, quality, and environment management system that were being propelled to achieve several certifications such as OHSAS 18001:1999, ISO 9001:2000, and ISO 1401:1996 for Occupational Hazards and Safety Management System. Its headquarters are being located in Bangalore. Its performance record has constantly been a good year after year and also counted among the top ten PSUs.
  • It is conferred with MOU AWARD for the year 1999–2000 and 2000–01 for achieving an Excellent rating while achieving MOU targets for such years.
  • The company bagged the prestigious CAPEXIL Special Export Award that was instituted by CAPEXIL, and in recognition of the outstanding export performance of Iron Ore Concentrate & Iron Oxide Pellets in the year 2005–06.
  • The Export Excellence Award 2005–06 in Mineral and Mineral-based Products sector, instituted by the Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce & Industry specifically for the year 2005–06. The FIMI Environment Award for outstanding achievement in Environment Management System for the year 2004–05 Ispat Rajbasha Shield Samman for the remarkable progress in the field of Progressive use of an Official language Hindi and its implementations.

Some of the Future Plans:

Even after the solid performance record and financial strength, it has embarked on a plan for diversifying its operations such as in the long term, by considering several possibilities to venture beyond the Karnataka State, and in search of Iron Ore Deposits that can be gainfully employed by leveraging on the expertise available, along with the Company. Besides, the efforts are on to tie up alternate sources of iron ore to sustain Pellet Plant operations in the future and also the efforts are on to get a mining lease in Karnataka. Also, it has completed its entire preliminary works to set up Ductile Iron Spun Pipe Plant located at Mangalore.

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