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Marico Limited or MARICO

Marico is one of the leading companies in the FMCG sector and incepted in the year 1988. It has also created one of the most prominent brands in India. As every month, over 70 million packs from Marico reach to approximately 130 million consumers in about 23 million households via a widespread distribution network of more than 2.5 Million outlets in both India and overseas.

Some of the Products:

  • Consumer products business:

Under this segment, the company's consumer products have a prominent market share in coconut oil, hair oils, post-wash hair care, anti-lice treatment, edible oil, fabric care, and much more. It also created brands such as Parachute, Saffola, Revive, Starz, Medikar, hair & care, and many more. The Company has also entered the food segment via the Saffola Diabetes Management Atta mix.

  • International products:

The Company also has its presence in the international market, and it has become more apparent via its major acquisition of global brands such as camellia, aromatic, Fiancée, Hair Code, Sundari, and many more. The acquisition of Fiancée & Hair Code gave Marico a customer base of about 26 million.

  • KAYA Products:

Along with KAYA, the company entered into the skincare segment. The KAYA Skin clinic offers dermatological & scientific procedures, in which most of them are USFDA approved. Currently, there are 65 Skin Clinics in 19 major Indian cities, 9 in the Middle East region with a customer base of 3, 50,000.

Some of the Milestones:

  • Marico received The Business Leadership Awards in the FMCG (Personal Hygiene) category (July 2007) by NDTV Profit.
  • Marico was also rated No.1 of India's Most Innovative Companies by the Business Today Monitor Group Innovation Study.
  • Marico became one of India’s 10 best marketers by Business Today–2006.
  • Marico ranks among the top Eight India Global challengers as per the Standard & Poor’s global rating of mid-size companies–2006.
  • 2010: Harsh Mariwala was also awarded the Ernst & Young ‘Entrepreneur of the Year Award’ 2009 in the category of Manufacturing.
  • 2011: The Company strengthened its presence in SE Asian via male grooming, skincare, and food portfolio being acquired in Vietnam.
  • 2012:
  • The Company acquires Paras personal care business from Reckitt.
  • Marico – Marico completes the acquisition of the Halite Personal Car.
  • India's Gen-next gets to be styled by Marico.

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