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Max Financial Services Limited or MFSL

MFSL or Max India was incorporated in 1988, and it is a multi-business enterprise. Also, the company has a business interest in the sectors of life insurance, healthcare, and clinical research. Also, the company has subsidiaries such as Max New York Life - a joint venture between Max India and New York Life; and Max Healthcare – that is engaged in providing healthcare services; and Max Bupa Health Insurance, which is a joint venture between Max India and Bupa Finance Plc. Also, the UK involved in the clinical research business and the Max Neeman – a manufacturer of specialty products for the industry of packaging. The Company also operates via 555 offices across more than 364 locations in the country. The company has an employee strength of approximately 92,000 people. It also has various divisions that have received ISO 9001:2000 and IS014001: 2004 certifications for their quality management. Earlier, the company had a business interest in several sectors of electronic component distribution, plating the chemicals, and penicillin-based bulk drugs and also the generic bulk drugs. But, later the company divested its business interests in such businesses.

Some of the Business Areas:

Max New York Life (MNYL) – Under this segment, the company has a joint venture between Max India and New York Life and was incorporated in the year 2000. Also, the company offers a spectrum of products in both individual and group life insurance solutions. Currently, it is among the leading private sector life insurance industries. Max Healthcare (MHC) – Under this segment, the company has a division that operates in 8 hospitals located in both Delhi and NCR. Such hospitals offer services in the area of orthopedics and joint replacement, pediatrics, neurosciences, obstetrics and gynecology, aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery and internal medicine. Max Bupa Health Insurance (MBHI) – It is a joint venture between Max India and UK–based Bupa Group. Max Neeman Medical International (MNMI) – This division is engaged in clinical research services that offer services in the entire value chain of new drug development in the area of pharmaceutical, biotech, and clinical research. The company has an employee base of 200 people. It operates through five regional offices in India and one business development office in the USA. Max Specialty Products (MSP) – The Company is engaged in manufacturing of a wide range of sophisticated barrier and packaging films. Annually the company’s BOPP film has an installed capacity of manufacturing 29,000 tonnes. The company's leather finishing foil unit produces a spectrum of leather finishing and laminating foils. In 2010 Max Bupa, the Health Insurance JV with the Bupa Group starts operations In 2013 Max India enters Senior Living with Antara Senior Living.

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