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MRF Limited or MRF

The MRF or Madras Rubber Factory is India's No.1 tyre manufacturing company which was started in 1946 by Mr. K M Mammen Mappillai as a small toy balloon unit. And much later in November 1960, it ventured into the manufacturing of the tyres, and soon it entered into a technical collaboration with the Tire & Rubber Company of USA. In 1964, the company established its first overseas office at Beirut, Lebanon to tap the export market. It was among India's very first efforts on the tyre exports. In 1989, the company collaborated with the US-based Hasbro International which is the world's largest toy maker and then launched Funskool India. In the same year, the company entered into a pact with the Vapocure of Australia to manufacture the polyurethane paint formulations and with Pirelli for the Muscleflex conveyor and the elevator belting. Currently, the MRF exports tyres are spread across 65 countries, which include America, Europe, Middle East, Japan, and the Pacific region as well. It presently has overseas offices in countries such as Dubai, Vietnam, and Australia.

Some Products of the company:

  1. Tyres:
It manufactures various types of tyres for the passenger cars, and two-wheelers, buses, trucks, tractors, and light commercial vehicles and the off–the–road tyres.
  1. Conveyor Belting:
The company manufactures its Muscleflex brand of conveyor belting in one of the most advanced state of the art facilities situated across India. By incorporating the latest manufacturing techniques in processes beginning with mixing, and calendaring & the like to manufacturing of the finished products in which all are the in–house, and Muscleflex – conveyor belting has gained rapid acceptance in markets across the globe.
  1. Pretreads:
It is the most advanced precured retreading technology system which is available in India. The MRF has also forayed into retreading as far back as in the year 1970. Currently, MRF has perfected the art of recured retreading with its extensive knowledge in both tyres and rubber.

Some Awards:

  1. It was awarded as the Most Trusted Tyre Company in India by TNS 2006 global CSR study.
  2. The company won the JD Power Asia Pacific award for customer satisfaction seven times.
  3. MRF was honored with the CAPEXIL award as acknowledgment for its export performance.
  4. 2013: The Company won the JD Power award for the 10th time.

The Milestones:

  1. 2000 – The MRF launched the Smile campaign on the Indian roads and also Launched ZVTS tyres specifically for passenger cars.
  2. 2001 – The MRF rally team wins the APRC rally.
  3. 2002 – The MRF Nylogrip Zapper for two-wheelers is launched.
  4. 2002 – The MRF wins the JD Power award.
  5. 2003 – The MRF registers its second APRC victory.
  6. 2004 – The MRF's turnover crossed INR 30 billion mark.
  7. 2005 – The MRF wins its third APRC rally.
  8. 2006 – The MRF's turnover crosses the INR 5000 crore mark.
  9. 2007 – The Australian PM visits the MRF Pace Foundation.
  10. 2007 – The MRF launches the Super Lug 505 – It is a premium mileage, a rear fitment truck tyre for the national highway operations on rated roads and also started its Super Lug FS which many users claimed to be benefited with the fuel savings.
  11. 2009 – The Tyre manufacturing major MRF has launched a new series of tyres under the brand name 'Wanderer.'

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