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In 1990, NCC or earlier known as Nagarjuna Construction Company was being incorporated and is engaged in the development of the real estate. Also, the company's projects stand on the credentials of its work in many sectors such as Power, Housing, water, Transportation, Metals and Oil, and gas. It was also listed in the year 1992. In 1995, the company crossed the milestone of turnover of INR One billion. In 1996, its Property Division was being established, and soon the Transportation Division was opened in 1998. The Power, Water, Electrical, Metals, Irrigation, Oil & Gas Divisions were also established. Also, the GDRs of the Company are listed on the Luxembourg stock exchange. Several foreign institutional investors have enormous trust in the company, which can be reflected by the investment of about US $ 100 million as on date by the Blackstone Group of the USA. It also has offices in Dubai (UAE) and Muscat (Oman) and also bagged projects in such countries.

Some Projects of the Company:

  • Building and Housing: The Company has also developed many industrial and commercial complexes, stadiums, IT parks, housing, malls, and hospitals. It accomplished projects such as software complex for Patni computers (in Mumbai), Indira Gandhi airport terminal (in New Delhi), Cement Plant for Zuari cement (in Andhra Pradesh), Indoor Stadium for Gymnastics and Wrestling (in Andhra Pradesh), and more.
  • Transportation: Under this segment, the company has constructed bridges, flyovers, highways, railways, and ports. It has accomplished projects such as Ahmedabad-Vadodara Expressway (in Gujarat), Road Over bridge (in Bangalore), Flyover at Kalina-Vakola Junction (in Mumbai) and many more.
  • Power and electrical: Under this segment, the company also built transmission lines, underground tunnels, substations, open powerhouses, and more. It has constructed projects such as, sub-transmission, and distribution line (in Assam), Gautami thermal power plant (in Andhra Pradesh), System improvement project (in Andhra Pradesh), Mini hydropower station (in Andhra Pradesh) are among others.
  • Water and Irrigation: Under this segment, the company has undertaken the construction of water treatment, water supply, underground drainage, gravity irrigation, dams, and more. It has accomplished projects such as Gundlakamma Reservoir (in Andhra Pradesh), Sewage Treatment Plant (in Karnataka), and more.
  • Under the metal segment, the company caters its services to sectors such as zinc, aluminum, copper, and lead.
  • In 2011, the company's name was changed from Nagarjuna Construction Company Limited to NCC Limited.

Some of the Achievements:

  • 2010: The NCC’s Annual Report and Accounts for Year ended 31st March 2009 were being adjudged as “2nd best” under the sector “Infrastructure & Construction Sector” through ICAI Awards for Excellence in Financial Reporting.
  • The Company also has a super ranking of 103 among India's top 1000 companies.
  • The Company was also awarded a bonus of INR 20 million for the early accomplishment of its projects. Also, its turnover for the financial year 2006-07 was about INR 29 billion.
  • The Company was one of the 200 'Best under a Billion' listed companies in the entire Asia-Pacific by Forbes Asia in 2005.
  • It is also ranked 3rd based on the total income in the construction and allied activities sector by Dun and Bradstreet's publication - in India's Top 500 Companies.

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