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In 1952, NLC or Neyveli Lignite Corporation was being incorporated, and it is the business of lignite mining and power generation. Currently, the company operates three opencast lignite mines of the total capacity of about 24 million tonnes and the three thermal power stations, along with a total installed capacity of about 2490 megawatt. It is also a Miniratna Public Sector Enterprise, which is under the administrative control of the Ministry of Coal. And it also operates subsidiary such as NLC Tamilnadu Power Limited. It has several chequered history of achievements.

Several Mines of the Company:

  • Mine-I: It is located in the northern part of Neyveli Township in Tamil Nadu and is spread over an area of about 26.69 sq km. It also has a reserve of about 365 million tonnes and a production capacity of approximately 10.5 million tonnes of lignite p. a. It feeds lignite to its 600 MW capacity of the First Thermal Power Station and 420 MW Thermal Power Station (later expanded).
  • Mine-IA: It is spread over an area of about 11.6 sq km. and has a reserve of about 120 million tonnes with a production capacity of about 3 million tonnes of lignite p.a. Also, it caters to the need for a 250 MW independent power project, besides the needs of the NLC's Thermal Power Stations.
  • Mine-II: In February 1978, the Government of India sanctioned it, along with a lignite production capacity of about 4.7 mtpa that increased to 10.5 mpta in the year 1983. It is particularly spread over an area of about 27.74 sq km and also has a reserve of about 390 million tonnes.
  • Thermal Power stations (or TPS) TPS-I: It is the South Asia's first and the only lignite-fired thermal power station. It was being commissioned with one unit of 50 MW, and now, it possesses six units of about 50 MW each and three units of about 100 MW each. It has also set up an additional capacity of approximately 420 MW with a total generating capacity of about 1020 MW.
  • TPS-II: It is a power plant that was constructed in the two stages, such as in 630 MW and 840 MW. And it also has a generating capacity of about 1470 MW and consists of seven units, each with 210 MW.

Research and Development:

CARD or Centre for Applied Research and Development is an in–house research and development center of the company and is being recognized by the Department of Science and Technology from 1975. Also, it is constantly pursuing both research and development programs in the areas of diversified application of lignite, soil reclamation, waste utilization, and more. Mainly, the R&D Unit CARD has service facilities, along with facilities for monitoring of water, air, materials, and soil and it also caters to many testing and analytical needs of the diverse industrial units of the company. UNIDO has funded a project to establish the Lignite Energy Research Institute (or LERI) at Neyveli that would be capable of offering technical support to ensure the latest and most accurate technologies for minimizing the adverse environmental effects. Also, CARD carries out several R&D works on solid waste utilization, wasteland reclamation, by-products utilization of many industrial units, diversification product development, and many more. CARD has also taken up many joint projects with an association with CSIR universities, laboratories, and other educational institutions, and few more public sectors. Also, the Ministry of Coal funded the joint projects submitted.

Some Projects of the Company:

It has entered into a joint venture, along with Gujarat Power Corporation Limited for setting up a mine-cum-power project in Gujarat, at an estimated cost of INR 6,400 crore. Also, the ministry of coal has sanctioned Advance Action Proposal for taking up specific preliminary activities. And the Government of Gujarat (or GoG) also addressed water allocation, mining lease, and more. Also, the feasibility report and environmental report for the mine and power projects are under the process. It has also proposed to set up a coal-based mega power plant in Orissa at an estimated cost of INR 8,000 crore. And in-principle approval of the Government of Orissa for the allocation of land in Rengali Taluk of Sambalpur district in Orissa is still being awaited. Also, the joint venture company among Mahanadi Coal Fields Limited, NLC, and Hindalco for mining coal from Talabira block has already been established. Also, MCL, which is the lead partner, carries out all the pre-project activities. Also, its geological report has been prepared, and the EIA/EMP report is still under process. But the mine plan has been approved, and the land acquisition is in process. Also, the company has proposed to exploit the lignite deposits in Hadla and Palana lignite blocks in the Bikaner district of Rajasthan for the 250 MW power plants to be set up like an extension of the ongoing Barsingsar Power Project.

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