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Oberoi Realty Limited or OBEROIRLTY

The Oberoi Realty was incorporated as the Kingston Properties Private Limited as on May 8, 1998, under the Companies Act, in the year 1956 in Mumbai. The name of the company was also changed to Oberoi Realty Private Limited as on October 23, 2009. It was also converted into a public limited company on December 14, 2009 and then, the name was changed to Oberoi Realty Limited. It is a real estate development company that is operating in Mumbai and focuses on premium developments. The company has established a strong brand with a successful track record in the real estate industry by developing a lot of innovative projects via its emphasis on contemporary architecture, and strong project execution, and quality construction. While its focus is on the residential projects, as it has a diversified portfolio of projects covering critical sections of the real estate market, it targets the upper end of the respective income or market section. It develops various real estate properties such as residential, and office space, and retail, and hospitality, and social infrastructure projects in the mixed-use and the single–segment developments. The company uses a knowledge-based approach from both internal as well as external sources in a particular making land acquisition, and development, and lease/sales decisions. It also utilizes an outsourcing model that emphasizes quality design and construction. It continues to work with several reputed international architects and even the domestic architects and few contractors as well. The company believes that this outsourcing model will provide us with scalability, which is required to undertake significant developments.

Subsidiaries of the company:

  1. Expressions Realty
  2. Kingston Hospitality and Developers
  3. Kingston Property Services
  4. Oberoi Constructions
  5. Oberoi Mall
  6. Triumph Realty
  7. Perspective Realty

Some Group companies:

  1. Beachwood Properties
  2. Envision Realty
  3. I–Ven Realty
  4. New Dimension Consultants
  5. Oberoi Consultancy Services
  6. Oberoi Estates
  7. RS Estate Developers

Some Awards:

  1. 2010:
  • Asia Retail Congress Awards 2010
  • Shoppers & Consumer Insights Awards 2010
  • Construction World Architect and Builder Awards 2010
  • EPC World Awards
  • Accommodation Times Awards 2010
  1. 2011:
  • Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards
  • Asia Retail Congress Awards 2011
  • Society Interiors Building Design Awards
  • Hotel Investment Conference – South Asia
  • Pevonia asiaSpa India Awards
  • Property World Awards
  • Construction Week India Awards
  • Travel & Leisure India's Best Awards 2011
  • Franchise India
  • VM & RD Retail Design Awards
  1. 2012:
  • CNBC Awaaz Real Estate Awards 2012
  • India Human Capital Awards 2012
  • 7th Employer Branding Awards
  • Brands Academy SAARC and ASEAN Real Estate Awards in association with NDTV Profit
  • Estate Awards 2012 in association with Bloomberg TV & Franchise India
  • CMO Council & CMO Asia
  • All –Asia Executive Team by Institutional Investor
  • International Property Awards – Asia Pacific 2012–13
  • Asia Retail Congress Awards
  • Emerging Markets
  • Construction Week India Awards
  • 7th Construction World Architect & Builder Awards
  1. 2013:
  • CNBC AWAAZ Real Estate Awards 2013
  • The Great Indian Marketing Summit – Realty Conclave
  • Asia Pacific Property Awards
  • Realty Plus Excellence Awards 2013
  • 7th Employer Branding Awards
  • Asia Retail Awards 2013 – for 50:50 Single day Flash Sale event

The Milestones:

  1. 2010:
  • Vikas Oberoi wins the 'The true entrepreneur of the year' award
  • Oberoi Realty launches Oberoi Splendor Grande at MCHI
  1. 2011:
  • Oberoi Realty signs Samsung C&T for its iconic South Mumbai project
  1. 2012:
  • Oberoi Realty bags awards for residential developments
  • Oberoi Realty wins master brand 2012 status by CMO council & CMO Asia & Asian Confederation of business
  • Oberoi Realty wins prestigious international property awards–Asia Pacific
  1. 2013:
  • Oberoi Exquisite awarded as the 'Best 50% Complete Residential Project under Luxury Segment in MMR' by 'CNBC AWAAZ Real Estate Awards 2013.'
  • 'Oberoi Garden City' Awarded as the 'Integrated Township of the year.'

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