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In 1950, Pfizer came to India via a company named Dumex and its first production unit was being set up at Darukhanna in Mumbai. The Company manufactured products such as Isonex, Protinex, Becosules, and Corex. In 1960, it set up one more plant located at Thane, near Mumbai with the purpose of manufacturing and conducting product research. In 1965, the company entered into a license agreement with Pfizer Corporation for the use of Pfizer’s processes, and technical know-how, and more for manufacturing its current products. Later in the year 1992, Dumex was being amalgamated with the Pfizer. In India, it instituted the first-ever Disease Management Programme - Healthy Heart in Cardio Vascular Disease (Chronic Stable Angina, Hypertension, and Dyslipidemia), along with the partnership with Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad as well as the Apollo Hospital, Chennai. About six Pfizer brands featured among the Top 100 pharmaceutical brands in India, in which the two of Pfizer India's brands named as Corex (or Cough Formulation) and Becosules (or Multivitamin) - continued to rank among the Top 15 pharmaceutical drug brands. Also, its manufacturing plant was ISO 14001 certified due to its Environment Management System and was awarded by DNV Certification B.V, Netherlands. In 2013, both Pfizer Ltd and Wyeth Ltd agreed to merge and created a single Pfizer Brand.

Some of the Products:

  • Prescription Drugs:Under this segment, the company manufactured the prescribed drugs such as Citralka Liquid, Viagra, Dolonex Gel, Lyrica, Ponstan, and more.
  • Consumer Health:Under this segment, it produces over the counter formulations as well as drugs such as Coolmint Listerine Mouthwash, Benadryl cough, Caladryl, Sloans Balm, Rashfree, and more.
  • Animal Health:Under this segment, it manufactures products for animal care such as Stafac, Amoxisol, Vanguard 5/L, Furea, Catosal, Qualidrops, Bayrocin, Nutrimilk, and more.

Some of the Achievements:

  • In March 2011, the company was ranked first in both the medicine as well as the health care industry in an annual ranking that was conducted by Antal International, which is a global executive search firm.
  • In December 2010, Pfizer France won the Oncology Medical Affairs Best Practice Award.
  • Also, during a survey conducted by Ernst & Young on client satisfaction, the company was ranked HIGH in terms of the Overall Satisfaction, along with the Services and Interactions.
  • It was also acknowledged for its product named Exubera, along with 'Innovative Products of the Year' during the Pharma Excellence Awards 2006.
  • The Company received the Silver Award for its printing advertising on the Gelusil brand during the ABBY-All India Awards for Creative Excellence.

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