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In 1905, Phoenix Mills was incorporated and started as a textile manufacturing company, which is engaged in the property development business. In 1987, it forayed into the real estate market by developing the High Street Phoenix. In the year 1992, it also built its first multi-storied residential towers that were made on Phoenix Mills Land. In the year 1996, it introduced South Asia's largest about 20 lane bowling concourse. In the year 2001, it was the first to launch the hypermarket concept via Big Bazaar that is located at High Street Phoenix. Soon, the company developed its expertise in converting mill land into a modern, and multi-use the integrated property. Presently, the company has a presence in commercial, retail and entertainment, and residential complexes. Also, its subsidiaries are such as Pallazzio Hotels and Leisure, Marketcity Developers, Bellona Finvest, and Kalani Holdings.

Business Divisions:

  • Retail: Under this category, it is engaged in the development of malls, and the company flagship development High Street Phoenix also emerged as the most patronized destination in Mumbai. Also, it has several strategic alliances, along with the Pantaloon group that owns major brands such as Big Bazaar and Pantaloon. Also, it has developed malls under the name Phoenix Market City that is located at Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, and Chennai.
  • Hospitality: Under this category, it is engaged in the development of 5-star hotels. Also, it has several ongoing projects under this category that are located in Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, and Agra.
  • Entertainment: Under this category, it is engaged in the development of entertainment zones such as gaming arcades, multiplexes, food courts, and several shopping centers.
  • Commercial: Under this category, it is engaged in developing the properties for commercial offices.


The Company has entered into a deal, along with Adlabs Cinemas for developing the country's largest multiplex cinema in Mumbai. And it will be soon developed on a 1, 40,000 sq ft area that consists of about 15 screens and over 4,000 seats.

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