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Punjab National Bank or PNB

It was established in 1895 in Lahore and is one of the oldest banks in India with a virtual presence in every vital center of the country. It has over 35 million customers via 4540 offices including 421 extension counters, and out of that 2/3 of its branches are in rural and semi-rural areas. Also, it has the largest among nationalized banks that make it take the pleasure of the highest penetration rates of the banking activities in the country. PNB also caters to a wide variety of audiences via the range of services that include corporate and personal banking, industrial finance, agricultural finance, and international finance. It also has vast banking resources and a significant presence in almost each lending sphere. Also, the bank has a capital adequacy ratio or CAR, above the Basel–2 regulatory requirement, at 12.96% as of June 2008, and despite being exposed to the numerous market and credit risk components. And constantly strengthening the capital adequacy ratio via internal accruals and a constant increase in Tier 1 capital has put the bank in a very favorable and formidable position. It has a net interest margin (NIM) higher than the industry average due to its mix of improving yields and low-cost funding base and also one of the healthiest low-cost current account saving accounts or CASA ratio of about 41.31%. It also has the benefit of the highest rating by all the four domestic rating agencies and even one of the few banks to boast an AAA rating on its persistent debt issue. The bank also has various future ambitious plans of major technological up-gradation to establish the capability of having 100,000 terminals under the Core Banking Solutions (CBS) with a higher thrust on increasing the international tracks. In the macro-prudential analysis of the Indian economy, it has seemed that the Indian banking industry has come a long way. And also has entered in its ever-challenging growth phase in a very prominent time as more than 49% of the population financially excluded offers an immense opportunity to the bank. The primary focus of the bank will be on retaining and further enhancing low-cost deposits, lending to the agriculture and small and medium enterprises and repositioning of subsidiaries as well as the joint ventures. At the time of global financial turmoil, almost all the banks across the world were creeping under tremendous pressure. But this Bank managed to protect itself from the disastrous transactions and has strictly adhered as per the RBI guidelines. In July 2011, the bank agreed to pick up a 30% stake in the MetLife India that will make it the single largest shareholder in the private insurance company. Also, the two parties have decided that once the deal is finalized, then the company will be renamed as PNB MetLife India.

Some of the Subsidiaries:

  • PNB Gilts
  • PNB Housing Finance
  • PNB Investment Services
  • PNB Insurance Broking
  • PNB Life Insurance Co.

Some of the Joint Ventures:

  • Principal PNB Asset Management Company
  • Principal Trustee Company
  • Assets Care Enterprises
  • India Factoring & Finance Solutions

Some of the Awards:

  • 2010:

  • Best Corporate Social Responsibility Practice Award.
  • SCOPE Meritorious Award for Excellence in Corporate Governance 2009.
  • Golden Peacock Award for Excellence in Corporate Governance for 2009.
  • India Pride Awards for Excellence in PSU Category.
  • Award for Priority Sector Lending including Financial Inclusion.
  • 5 National Awards for the contribution made in promoting MSMEs.
  • Skoch Challenge Award 2010 for livelihood linkage of the Milk producers in Bulandshahar District Utt