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It was being incorporated as of 15th September 1983 as a small scale industrial undertaking under the name of Ratnamani Metals & Tubes Pvt. Ltd., and it became a Deemed Public Company with effect from 1.7.1989 under the provisions of Section 43A (IA) of the Act. Also, the other small scale unit with the name Tartnamani Tube Industries Pvt. Ltd., was being set up by the same promoters in 1985 that became a Deemed Public Company w.e.f 1.7.1990 under the provisions of Section 43A (IA) of the Act. During the Annual General Meeting being held as of 18.7.1992, Special Resolution was being passed deleting the restrictions as mentioned in Section 3 of the Act. Both the Companies were being converted into medium scale units via implementation expansion program within 2-3 years since the establishment date and were also awarded COB Industrial Licence No.IL/41 (89) as of 7.7.1989 and IL/7/(91) as of 12.2.1992. According to the order of Hon'ble High Court of Gujarat as of 24/12/1991 M/s.Ratnamani Tube Industries Limited also amalgamated with Ratnamani Metals & Tubes Limited since 1/4/91; and consequently, 5 Equity Shares of INR 100 each fully paid up were allotted to the shareholders of the Ratnamani Tube Industries Limited for every two Equity Shares of INR 10 each fully paid upheld by them. Also, about 445,200 Equity Shares of INR 10 each fully paid-up were being issued to the shareholders of RTIL currently has an installed capacity of about 3,000 M.T. on the three-shift basis, and it also holds industrial licenses.

Some of the Milestones:

  • 2008: It has a face value from INR 10 to INR 2.
  • 2009: It also bagged orders aggregating to INR 152 crores recently from GAIL for Gas Transmission and Distribution Projects.
  • 2010: The Board recommended a dividend of INR 2.20.
  • 2011: The Board recommended a dividend of INR 2.50.
  • 2012: The Board recommended a dividend of INR 3.
  • 2013: The Board recommended a dividend of INR 4.00 per Equity Share of INR 2.
  • 2014:
  • It also bagged following a new large size order that is to be completed in the current financial year.
  • It also bagged the two orders for supply of Carbon Steel Pipes aggregating to INR 412.62 crores.
  • Also, Ratnamani Metals & Tubes received an order worth INR 1300 cr.
  • 2016: It also bagged the two new orders aggregating to 22,000 MT valued at about INR 103.00 Crores and INR 33.00 Crores for the supply of Carbon Steel ERW pipes for gas pipeline in India.

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