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In 1925, the company was being incorporated and is also a leading Indian textile major. It is also a part of the global corporation Raymond Group. It was the first in 1959 to introduce a polywool blend in India for creating the world's most delicate suiting fabric the Super 240s made from the superfine 11.6-micron wool. Also, it produces wool-blended and premium polyester viscose worsted suiting. And besides, the textile company has also diversified in the areas of engineering and aviation. Also, it is the largest manufacturer of steel files globally, and accounting for 30% of the market share. Its textile plant is located in Thane, Vapi, and Chhindwara. Such plants have received various certifications such as ISO 9001 for quality management systems, and ISO 14001 the Environment Control Systems. In 2011, it started the 600th Raymond Shop outlet. In 2013, the Raymond Premium Apparel crossed INR 1 bn milestone. And it marked the Pan-India launch of the ‘Makers’ brand.

The Business Divisions:

  • Textile: Under this, it manufactures worsted fabrics, wool, and wool blended fabrics. It has a production capacity of 33 million meters per annum and has a product range of nearly 20000 designs and colors. It exports to more than 55 countries, including the USA, Europe, Canada, Japan, and the Middle East. Also, it retails the products via 30,000 stores in over 400+ towns across India.
  • Engineering: It specifically has three engineering divisions such as JK Files & Tools, JK Talabot, and Ring plus Aqua. It manufactures steel files, Starter Ring Gears, tools, and Profile Sheet Formed Metal Pulleys and the Integral Shaft Water Pump Bearings. Also, the export performance is continuously recognized year on year by the Engineering Export Promotion Council of India.
  • Aviation: It was one of the first corporate houses to begin an Air Charter Services in India in 1996. It also has 1 Ecureuil AS 355N Twin Engine Helicopter, 2 Bell 206 L3 Long Ranger Helicopters, and even 1 Challenger CL–604 Business Jet Aircraft.

Some of the Achievements:

  • Also, the Businessworld Most Respected Company Award 2011 in the Apparel & Textile section.
  • It has also been ranked 20th in 'The Brand Trust Report, India Study, 2011.'
  • It received the Images Fashion Awards 2009 - the Most Admired Textile Brand of the Year.
  • It received the Most Admired Suiting Brand of the Year during Lyrca Images Fashion Awards 2008.
  • It was honored with the 'All India Export Award' for being the Star Performer of 2006 in the hand tools section from the Engineering Export Promotion Council (or EEPC) of India.
  • It was awarded being the ‘Outstanding Exporter Award' in the engineering section during the DHL & CNBC TV18 International Trade Awards 2006-07.

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