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Shree Cement Limited or SHREECEM

It is the leading cement manufacturers in North India, and it was incorporated in 1978. It has increased more than trebled its cement capacity in the last five years for reaching the present cement capacity of approximately 13.5 million tons per annum. Its cement plants are being located at the Beawar, Ras, Khushkhera, Jobner, and Suratgarh in the Rajasthan and Laksar (Roorkee) in the Uttarakhand. It follows a multi-brand strategy & sells the cement under the highly recognized brands such as Shree Ultra, Bangur, and Rockstrong which can be put together to make the largest market share in high-value markets of Rajasthan, Haryana, and Delhi. It markets its products under the three names such as Shree Ultra Jung Rodhak Cement, the Tuff Cemento, and Bangur Cement. It has a power generation capacity of 260 MW with the plants located at Beawar and Ras in Rajasthan which includes the waste heat recovery power plants of 46 MW capacity. They are most significant and also have the ability in the global cement industry excluding China and it is further expanding its power capacity via setting up the 300 MW (2 x 150MW) power plant at Beawar, Rajasthan which is also likely to be commissioned by the third quarter of 2011–12 and this will take Shree's overall capacity to the 560 MW.

Some of the Awards:

  • The CII–ITC Sustainability Award – 2010 for nurturing the innovation, and promoting excellence, building trust, and contribution towards a sustainable future for all.
  • The ICC Sustainability Vision Award 2010 – 11 by the Indian Chamber of Commerce for "CSR contributing inclusive growth."
  • The FE–EVI Green Business Leadership Award by Financial Express and the Emergent Ventures India for Green Business Practices.
  • The National Award for Excellence in the Energy Management – 2010 by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).
  • The National Award for Excellence in the Cost Management – 2009 by “The Institute of Cost & Works Accountants of India” (ICWAI).
  • The Greentech HR Excellence Silver Award in best Strategy – 2010
  • The Best Employer Award by “The Employers Association of the Rajasthan”.
  • The Golden Peacock Award by the Institute of Directors for Climate Security.
  • The Jal Star Award by Dainik Bhaskar for the year 2011–12.
  • The Nirmata Rajya Mitra Award by the Department of Taxation for the year 2010–11.
  • The Greentech HR Gold award for best Strategy in HR practices 2011–12.
  • The CII–ITC sustainability award commendation certificate for a significant achievement.
  • The First Prize for Noise & Ground vibrations during mines environment & conservation week by IBM.
  • The First prize for overall performance in 25th Mines Safety Week under Director General of Mines safety, Ajmer region to Ras mines.
  • The UIT Bhiwadi award to KKG unit for CSR activities.
  • Several National awards for Excellence in the Water Management 2011 as "Water Efficient Unit" by CII.
  • The NCCBM Award for Second Best Quality Excellence for the year 2010–11.
  • The Certificate of Excellence Award by “The Employers Association of Rajasthan”.
  • The New World Sustainability Champions by the World Economic Forum (WEF).
  • The National award for cost management by the Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India.
  • The Best Innovation Award Gold by CIOL Dataquest Enterprise C–Change Enterprise Awards 2011.
  • The Second prize of the Bhiwadi Manufacturer's Association BMA Award –R.L. Rajgarhia Award for Energy Conservation 2010 to KKGU.
  • The Jamnalal Bajaj award for Fair Business Practices.
  • Golden Peacock Business Excellence Award for the year 2013.
  • State Level Productivity Excellence Award.
  • Best Corporate Social Responsibility Practice Award by BSE.
  • Global HR Excellence award for an organization with Innovative HR practices at the World HRD Congress.
  • Global HR Excellence award for HR research of the year at World HRD Congress.
  • Mother Teresa Corporate Citizen Award by Loyola Institute of Business Administration, Chennai.

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