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In 1995, the company was founded by P N C Menon, and soon he was acclaimed for the quality interiors and construction from the year 1977. His abilities, intuition and business sense bolstered, along with the enthusiasm of going back to his homeland led him to believe that he can make Quality as the key differentiator among his proposed venture and several other construction companies. After many intervening years, his vision has continued to be the bedrock of all endeavors. Currently, it is an INR 10 billion-plus corporation, which is one of the largest and the only backward integrated companies in the construction sector. Since the time of its inception, the company's reputation is built on the benchmark quality standards, rock-solid values, robust engineering, uncompromising business ethos, focused customer-centric approach, in-house Research and development and complete transparency in all the spheres of conducting business that has contributed in making Sobha as a preferred real estate brand in both commercial and residential segments. Also, the company endorsed during its IPO in the year 2006, when the issue was being oversubscribed by about 126 times that created history, and also being the first event of its kind in the Indian capital markets. It has also gone from several strength phases, since its beginning with the first residential project in Bangalore in the year 1997. An industry leader in Karnataka, Bangalore, contractual projects have also been constructed in the states of Orissa, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Harayana and Maharashtra. The Company's client list includes several brand names such as Dell, Infosys Technologies, Hewlett Packard, Mico, the Taj Group, Timken, and many more. Also, some of the residential projects include villas, premium apartments, and row houses, along with amenities such as shopping centers, clubhouses, and swimming pools as a value addition to the Sobha lifestyle that it brings home to all its clients.

Several business divisions of the company:

  • Sobha Concrete Products.
  • Sobha Projects & Trade Division.
  • Sobha Interiors Division.
  • S & T Group in Oman.
  • Indeset in UAE.
  • Gulf International Construction & Interiors Company (GICI) in Qatar.
  • Sobha Glazing and Metal Works Division.
  • Sobha Renaissance Information Technology.

Several Retail Divisions of the Company:

  • Sobha Modular Office Furniture
  • Sobha Restoplus – Spring Mattress
The Company has 30 ongoing projects and about 126 contractual projects until then. Also, some of the residential projects include villas, premium apartments, and row houses with amenities such as shopping centers, clubhouses, and swimming pools as a value addition to the Sobha lifestyle that it does bring home to all of its clients.

The company has its current residential projects at:

  • Bangalore
  • Thirissur
  • Pune
  • Coimbatore

Accomplished residential projects of the company include:

  • Sobha Aster – Bangalore
  • Sobha Anantha – Bangalore
  • Sobha Magnolia– Bangalore
  • Sobha Carnation– Bangalore
  • Sobha Fiorella– Bangalore
  • Sobha Aquamarine
  • Sobha Amber
  • Sobha Malchite Phase and many more.

Some of the Milestones:

  • September 1997: The Company launched the first residential project Sobha Sapphire in Bangalore.
  • September 1997: It launched the first plot development `Harisree Garden' in Coimbatore.
  • July 1998: It also obtained the ISO 9001 (in the 1994 series) certification.
  • September 1999: The very first residential project, Sobha Sapphire in Bangalore was being accomplished and handed over.
  • December 1999: The commencement of construction of the first contractual project the Corporate Block for the Infosys Technologies Limited in Bangalore.
  • September 2000: The completion and handover of the Corporate Block for Infosys Technologies Limited in Bangalore.
  • November 2000: The commencement of construction of the first contractual project outside Bangalore for the Infosys Technologies Limited in Mysore.
  • September 2001: Accomplishment and handover of the first contractual project outside Bangalore located at Mysore for Infosys Technologies Limited.
  • October 2003: Both the Sobha Construction Academy and Sobha Research and Development Center started functioning.
  • April 2004: It also obtains the ISO 9001 (as per 2000 series) certification.
  • October 2005: The commercial operation of fully automated concrete product division was started.
  • April 2006: The corporate restructuring using the purchase of selected assets and liabilities from Metal Works Private Limited and Sobha Space Private Limited and Sobha Interiors Private Limited Sobha Glazing.
  • May 2006: It received the certificate of DA 1 rating by CRISIL.
  • June 2006: The Company's status changed from private to public.
  • September 2006: It received the certificate of PR 1 rating by CARE.

Some of the Achievements:

  • It has been awarded the 'Brick and Mortar Award' for the south zone in the 'a+d & Spectrum Foundation Architecture Awards 2005.' Also, the project was accomplished in Mysore for Infosys by it was also announced by the Builder's Association of India (Mysore Center) as the 'Project of the Year' in 2005.
  • In November 2000, it received a memento from Infosys Technologies Limited in respect of the efforts concerning the construction of the corporate maiden block. Soon after, on February 12, 2005, it also received more recognition again from Infosys Technologies Limited concerning the Mysore Campus of the Infosys Technologies Limited.
  • 2010:ET ACE Tech 2010 (the leaders of Indian Infrastructure & Construction) Award by the Infosys Global Education Center to the company.
  • 2011:PRSI Award
  • An Inspirational Leadership Award concerning the Construction and Infrastructure Industry to Mr. PNC Menon, Chairman, Sobha Developers.
  • The Most Outstanding Structure built in Pune - Infosys Food Court 3 - Sobha Developers.
  • Received the ABCI Bronze Award - Annual Report - Sobha Developers.
  • Received the ABCI Bronze Award - Illustration - Sobha Developers.
  • The Celebration of Architecture - Best Development Award - Construction of Infosys Global Education Center II - Sobha Developers.
  • The Best Luxury Residential Project (in South) - Sobha Malachite, Thrissur (that is Runner–Up).
  • Received India's Top 10 Builders Award.
  • Received the LACP 2010 Vision Award.
  • Received the PRCI Golden Award - In House Magazine (Innerve) - Sobha Developers.
  • Received the PRCI Golden Award - Corporate Brochure (or CSR) - Sobha Developers.
  • 2012:
  • The Best Residential Project in the mid-segment (INR 35 lac - INR 1 crore) with about 70% or more completion in Bangalore by Sobha Elite.
  • The Most Reliable Real Estate Developer at the National Level.
  • Received the Muthiah Kasi Award 2012 for the best Value Engineering organization in the construction and infrastructure sector in India.
  • 2013:
  • Received the Business Man of the Year - Mr. PNC Menon.
  • Received The Builder of the Year Award.
  • The Best 100% Complete Residential Project in the Ultra Luxury Sector – Bangalore for Sobha Lifestyle Phase I.
  • Received the Strategy Award in Construction, Real Estate & Steel.'

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