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In 2006, SPARC or Sun Pharma Advanced Research Company was being incorporated and was also engaged in pharmaceutical research and development. It has its primary focus on innovation and new product development for global markets. The Company also undertakes projects in research and technology for new chemical entities (or NCE) or new molecules, and novel drug delivery systems (or NDDS).

Some of the Products:

NCE Projects: Under this category, the company is now working in therapeutic areas such as anticonvulsant, anti-allergy, soft steroid, and muscle relaxant. It has developed SUN 1334 H molecule SPECIFICALLY for anti-allergy, and it is in phase III clinical trails. It also developed SUN–S 461, which is an anti-inflammatory molecule and is used in the treatments of asthma/allergic rhinitis and COPD, and that will further enter clinical testing. Also, the lead molecule in the anticonvulsant area such as SUN-G 44, is a prodrug of the existing marketed drug gabapentin, and is used for the treatment of seizures and neuropathy and will further enter the clinical testing. Also, its muscle relaxant molecule named SUN–B 09, which is a prodrug of an existing marketed drug used as a skeletal muscle relaxant. And the SUN–B09 is now in the preclinical studies. NDDS Projects: Under this category, the company is working on the delivery systems based platforms such as nanoemulsion, biodegradable implant, dry powder inhalation technology, gastro retentive system for controlled release, and wrap matrix controlled release systems. The prime focus of the company is on innovating drug delivery technologies' needs for the treatment of both the cancers and psychiatric ailments.


The Company has also installed a Tecnai Spirit cryo-transmission electron microscope (or TEM) and three-dimensional (or 3D) tomography software being developed by the FEI Company. Further, it can also be used for quality control of drug-loaded vesicles to speed up the new therapeutics development process.

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