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In 1962, Sundram Fasteners (or SFL) were being incorporated. It is also a part of the $5 billion TVS Group, headquarters in Chennai, India. Also, the company established a track record of leadership of more than 40 years. And with a diversified product line, world-class facilities in 4 countries and a motivated team of talented people, the company became a supplier of choice to leading customers in the automotive and industrial segments globally. The product range consists of high–tensile fasteners, powder metal components, cold extruded parts, hot forged components, radiator caps, automotive pumps, gear shifters, gears and couplings, hubs and shafts, tappets and iron powder. Over the years, SFL has acquired cutting–edge technological competencies in forging, metal forming, close–tolerance machining, heat treatment, surface finishing, and assembly. Also, some of the manufacturing locations are supported by both engineering and design personnel working on new product design and development. Also, the understanding of the global nature of business and the need to provide quality products on a just-in-time basis to the clients, the company has established supply chain logistics networks spanning several continents. At Sundram Fasteners, growth is a natural result of the total adherence to three core operating principles: ethical business practices, customer orientation, and total quality.

Some Products of the company:

  • Fasteners
  • Radiator Caps
  • Powder Metal Parts
  • Cold Extruded Parts
  • Hot Forged Parts
  • Pumps & Assemblies

Some of the Achievements:

  • The Krishnapuram unit won the TPM Club of India Award for best Kaizens in the year 2009.
  • Also, its Metal forms division won the Frost & Sullivan India Manufacturing Excellence Gold Award in the year 2008–09.
  • SFL's Puducheri unit won the ACMA Technology Award 2007–08 for excellence in Technology.
  • It was awarded the EEPC Export Award Silver Shield in the year 2006–07 for Star Performer in Large Enterprises section.
  • In 1998, it received the TPM Excellence Award from JIPM, Japan (the second Indian company as well as the first in the engineering industry to get such recognition).
  • It is the only laboratory in India to meet the Fastener Quality Act specifications as certified by NAVLAP, which is a prestigious accrediting agency.
  • QS9000 certification was given to Radiator Caps Division and Metal Forms Division in the year 1997 by BVQI.
  • In 1997, CII Outstanding Export Award was received.
  • In 1995-96, it received the ACMA Productivity Award.
  • In 1991, the ACMA Quality Award was given to SFL.
  • It received ISO 9002 certification from BVQI in 1990, and it was the first Indian company to achieve such recognition.
  • In 1989, National HRD Network Award was being given to SFL.
  • In 1988, the Company Standardization Commendation Award was given to SFL by the Institute of Standards Engineers.
  • In 1988, the Best Employer-Employee Relations Award to SFL from Rotary Club of Madras.
  • In 1987-88, the company received CEI Award for Excellence in HRD associated areas given to SFL.
  • The first Indian company to get ISO 9000 certification.
  • ISO/TS 16949 certification.
  • ISO 14001 certification.

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