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Tata Chemicals Limited or TATACHEM

It was established in 1939 and became the second largest producer of soda ash in the world with the manufacturing facilities spread across the four continents worldwide. It is also the 'world's second largest producer of soda ash with manufacturing facilities in countries such as Asia, Europe, Africa, and North America. The 'company's industry essentials product range provides the key ingredients to some of the 'world's largest manufacturers of the glass, detergents, and various other industrial products. TCL is the market leader in the iodized salt segment as well as the leading manufacturer of urea and phosphatic fertilizers. It has a urea plant in Babrala in Uttar Pradesh which is the most energy efficient fertilizer plant in India. The Tata Chemicals Innovation Centre is center and home for the world-class R&D capabilities in an emerging area of nanotechnology and biotechnology. The 'company's Centre for Agri–Solutions and Technology also provides advice regarding farming solutions as well as crop nutrition & improvement practices. It has also entered into a JV along with 'Singapore's Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory (Joil) to develop jatropha seedlings to enable biofuels capability. It has a vision which states, ‘‘Serving society through science,'' the company is applying its expert knowledge and experience in sciences, to develop a high–tech and reliable or sustainable products.

Some of the Products:

  1. Chemicals:

It manufactures soda ash used to produce glass, soaps, and detergent used in metal refining, textile processing, and so much more. It is also is used in the manufacture of cement and the caustic soda for the manufacturing of cloth, pulp, paper, gypsum which are useful components for pharmaceuticals, insecticides, and bromine.

  1. Fertilizers:

The manufacturing fertilizer plant, which is located in Babrala has the installed capacity of approximately 8, 64,000 tonnes per year. It contributes 12 % of the total urea produced by the private sector in India.

  1. Consumer products:

It manufactures salt, sodium bicarbonate, and the baking soda. It makes approximately 3, 50,000 vacuum evaporated iodized salt. It produces the four kinds of salt iodized salt, the crystalline salt, vacuum salt, and the pure salt. It also produces about 50,000 tonnes of sodium bicarbonate p. a. It also provides the hydrobromic acid, liquid bromine, hydrochloric acid, and liquid chlorine. 

Some of the Awards or Achievements:

  1. The TCL has won 11 awards at the 48th Association of Business Communication of India (ABCI) annual awards.
  2. Its fertilizer business unit has won the Golden Peacock environment management award from the World Environment Foundation.
  3. Its chemicals unit at the Babrala has won Safety Gold Award from Greentech Foundation, Delhi.
  4. It was among the top 10 most trusted brands in a survey which was conducted by The Economic Times.
  5. Tata Salt was selected as the "Mera Brand" in the Consumer World Awards.

The Milestones:

  1. 1927:
  • The Kapil Ram Vakil sets up Okhamandal Saltworks.
  • As on May 4, VT Krishnamachari, then dewan (administrator) of Baroda, lays foundation stone.
  1. 1937: The Tata’s approached to take over Okhamandal Salt Works.
  2. 1939: The Tata Chemicals Limited was incorporated on January 23.
  3. 2001:
  • The Production was severely affected due to the earthquake on January 26, 2001, and also due to the fire in the power plant on March 2, 2001. Cement sales have taken over from ACC Limited.
  1. 2002:
  • The power plant Mithapur is awarded ISO–14001 certification.
  • The chemicals division at Mithapur was awarded the ISO–9001–2000 Migration certificate.
  1. 2003:
  • The Tata Salt ranked No. 1 Food brand in the Brand Equity Survey of India's most trusted brands.
  • The Babrala fertilizer plant was registered with the British Safety Council.
  • Some new initiatives were taken up to consolidate as well as drive the growth in the core business.
  • The Chemical plant at Mithapur bags the 'Certificate of Honor' and saltworks awarded as the 'Certificate of Merit' by Gujarat State Safety Council.
  • Soon, the Mithapur becomes the first industrial township to be awarded the ISO 14001 certificate.
  • The fertilizer plant gets ISO–14001 and OHSAS–18001 certification.
  1. 2004:
  • The Babrala Township received the ISO 14001 certification for the implementation of the Environment Management System. KPMG, India conducted the certification audit.
  • The Tata Chemicals set up the Innovation Centre for the purpose to develop the world-class R&D facilities in all the emerging areas of both nanotechnology and biotechnology.
  1. 2005:
  • The first step towards internationalization. Tata Chemicals acquired an equal partnership in Indo Maroc Phosphore SA (IMACID) along with the Chambal Fertilizers & the global phosphate major, OCP of Morocco.
  1. 2006:
  • Tata Chemicals completes the acquisition of UK–based Brunner Mond Group, one of the world's leading manufacturer’s soda ash and associated alkaline products.
  1. 2008:
  • The Tata Chemicals acquired a US-based General Chemical Industrial Products (GCIP) and became the 'world's second-largest soda ash manufacturer.
  1. 2009:
  • The Tata Chemicals urea division achieves RC 14001 – 2005 Certification.
  • The Tata Chemicals certified under SA 8000:2001 standard for the Mithapur, Babrala and Haldia sites by RINA India.
  • The Tata Chemicals launches ''i–Shakti Cooking Soda''– refined sodium bicarbonate.
  • The Tata Chemicals also launches 'Tata Swach' water purifier, which was designed to tackle one of India's most significant social and technological challenges – the need for safe drinking water.
  1. 2010:
  • Rallis India acquires a majority stake in the Metahelix Life Sciences.
  • The Tata Chemicals acquires 100–per–cent stake in leading vacuum salt producer British Salt, UK.
  • Tata Chemicals launches i–Shakti dals (pulses).
  1. 2011:
  • The Tata Chemicals rebrands global subsidiaries such as Tata Chemicals North America (General Chemical Industrial Products), and Tata Chemicals Magadi (Magadi Soda Company), Tata Chemicals Europe (Brunner Mond and British Salt)
  • Acquires stake in EPM Mining Ventures, Canada.
  • The signing of the pre-construction services agreement with Technip for the Gabon Fertilizer Project
  • Africa's first premium ash plant opens at Tata Chemicals Magadi.
  1. 2012:
  • Tata Salt launches its flavored variants – 'Flavoritz.'
  • India's first iodine plus iron fortified salt started by Tata Chemicals.
  • The Tata Chemicals Europe and E.ON Energy from Waste UK Ltd help to set up a plant for generating energy from waste at Lostock in Northwich.
  1. 2013:
  • The TCL's efforts help save more than 350 whale sharks.
  • The Tata Swach launches a new variant Cristella Plus.
  • The Tata Chemicals signs MoU with the Institute of Chemical Technology to set up endowment chair.
  • The Tata Chemicals launches innovative organic plant growth regulators
  • The FarmGro and FarmGro G.

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