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In 1989, Tata Elxsi was being incorporated and provided system integration as well as software development. It also caters to several industries such as FMCG, aerospace, consumer electronics, entertainment, telecom, and more. The company is also a part of US$ 69 billion Tata Group. The company provides both hardcore technology as well as strength in design. It also offers an end-to-end solution across the entire product lifecycle.

Some of the Business Divisions:

  • Product Design Services:In this segment, the company is usually engaged in product research and development outsourcing business from 1989. It also caters to clients such as Canon, ARM, Broadcom, Epson, Philips, Hella, Motorola, Pace Micro Technology, Samsung, and TI.
  • Industrial Design Division:In this segment, being the most significant design house in the country, several designs of product support in brand creation. As per the client's requirement, it conceptualizes products. Within this segment, it caters spectrum of clients such as HUL, UB Group, Whirlpool, P&G, Cadbury, ITC, and many more. The company also created numerous products such as Ponds Talc, Junior Horlicks, HUL Pureit, Nyle Shampoo, and more.
  • Visual Computing Labs:In this segment, the company develops 3D and 2D animation, visual effects, and several gaming services. This specific division offers services in production, pre-production, Animation, post-production for advertising, films, TV, and Gaming. Also, it has part of several Hollywood and Bollywood projects such as Spiderman–3, Taare Zameen Par, Jodhaa Akbar, and more.
  • System Integration Services:In this segment, the company caters to the enterprise as well as the high-performance computing market with a spectrum of several hardware and networking products and the storage solution.

Some of the Achievements:

  • Tata Elxsi won Award for Best Special Effects for the film Anniyan at the 53rd National Film Awards.
  • Company Visual Computing Labs also won nominations at Arena Animation CNBC – TV 18 Golden Cursor Animation Awards.


It also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (or MoU) with Open Engineering, the research and development subsidiary of the Belgium that has its headquarters named Samtech Group, Europe. It is a leading provider of Computer-Aided Engineering (or CAE) software. According to the MoU, the company will partner Open Engineering in India for both the distribution as well as the support of multi-physics numerical simulation professional software that is dedicated to providing an open powerful but an easy to use CAD CAE, which is the all-in-one solution for industrial engineering departments as well as research centers.

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