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In 1980, Thermax was incorporated, and it also offers engineering solutions to several industries. The company also provides a spectrum of products and services in heating, cooling, waste heat recovery, water treatment, captive power, recycling, and waste management. Besides India, the company has a global presence in countries such as China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, UAE, Thailand, Philippines, Nigeria, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Belgium, UK, USA, Peru, Brazil, and Chile. The company also offers several products and services to sectors such as power, cement, fertilizers, petrochemicals, textiles, food, dairy, sugar, pharmaceuticals, refineries, distillery, and aluminum.

The Products and services of the Company:

  • Boilers and Heaters:In this division, it manufactures boilers and heaters as per the industry requirements such as steam boilers, hot water generators, thermal oil heaters, exhaust gas boilers, fired heaters are among others.
  • Absorption cooling:In this division, it manufactures the vapor absorption machine that is cost-effective chillers. This specific product portfolio consists of hot water driven chillers, steam-driven chillers, multi energy-driven chillers, and many more.
  • Chemicals:In this division, it also manufactures Tulsion a range of ion exchange resins.
  • Water and Waste Solutions:In this division, it manufactures a spectrum of products such as filters, clarifiers, Deionizers, and many more.
  • Captive power plants:In this division, it offers captive power and the cogeneration systems.
  • The Company also provides products for controlling air pollution.

Some of the Achievements:

  • The Company was listed in Forbes list of Asia Best under a Billion (Dollar) Companies for the third consecutive year in the year 2007.
  • Anu Aga, the founder as well as director of the company, was honored the Business Woman of the Year 2007 for her precious contribution to industry and sector at the Zee Astitva Awards.
  • Its in house magazine named Firesidebagged the gold award for the best internal house magazine during the 47th awards function of the Association of Business Communicators of India.

Some of the Subsidiaries:

  • Thermax Engineering Construction Co.
  • Thermax Instrumentation.
  • Thermax Inc. in the USA.
  • Thermax Europe. in the UK.
  • Thermax (Zhejiang) Cooling & Heating Engineering Co. in China.
  • Thermax do Brasil (or TdB) - Energia e Equipamentos Ltda. in Brazil.

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