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Torrent Pharmaceuticals or TORNTPHARM

It was started in 1959 by U N Mehta as Trinity Laboratories, and then the company changed its name to the one used currently in the year 1971. TPL is the flagship company of the Torrent group, a leader in cardiovascular and central nervous system segments. It also has a presence in gastrointestinal, diabetology, and the sections of pain management.

Some of the Manufacturing facilities:

Its prime manufacturing facilities are located at Indrad (Gujarat), and Baddi (Himachal Pradesh) and these units have received many certifications for its quality management such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, and ISO/IEC– 17025 and more. The company's manufacturing plant in Indrad produces a bulk of drugs, APIs, the formulation in the form of tablets, capsules, and vials. The annual production capacity of this particular plant is 6000 million kg of formulations and 15000 kg of bulk drugs/APIs. Whereas the Baddi plant has a manufacturing capacity of approximately 3600 million tablets, 400 million capsules, and 18 million oral liquid bottles p. a. In India, this particular company has at least 11 sales and marketing divisions and 1000 product registrations across 50 different countries that include US Latin America, Russia, Europe, Japan, and others. Its research and development department consists of a team of 560 scientists who are continuously engaged in drug discovery, drug development, and new drug delivery systems. Its subsidiaries are Zao Torrent Pharma in Russia, Torrent Do Brasil Ltda in Brazil, Torrent Pharma GmbH in Germany, Torrent Pharma Inc. in USA and Torrent Pharma Philippines Inc. in Philippines.

Some of the Awards:

  1. 2002–03: The Torrent Pharma bagged the Gold Trophy for IDMA and Quality Excellence Award 2003 for both Formulations and API manufacturing facilities.
  2. 2001–02: The Torrent Pharmaceuticals bagged the 'Best Suppliers' award by the Sri Lankan State Pharmaceutical Corporation.
  3. 2001–02: The Torrent Pharma bagged the Gold Trophy for IDMA Quality Excellence Award for its Formulations facility and Silver Trophy for its API manufacturing facility.
  4. 2000–01: The Torrent Pharma bagged the Gold Trophy for IDMA Quality Excellence Award for its Formulations facility.
  5. 1999–00: GCCI Export Appreciation Award
  6. 1999–00: The Torrent Pharma bagged the Gold Trophy for IDMA Quality Excellence Award for its Formulations facility.
  7. 1992–93: It received the IDMA Quality Excellence Award
  8. 1991–92: It received Export Award from Govt. of Gujarat
  9. 1991–92: It won the National Export Award
  10. 1990–91: It received Export Award from Govt. of Gujarat
  11. 1990–91: The Pride of Asia International award for excellence in Pharmaceuticals Products by international Friendship

The Milestones:

  1. 2011: Received USFDA approval for Alfuzosin hydrochloride other extended-release tablets.
  2. 2006: The API and formulations manufacturing facilities, which are located at Indrad (Gujarat, India) got the US FDA approval.
  3. 2006: It entered into an in-licensing deal with Tasly of China to market its Cardiotonic pill in India.
  4. 2006: The Torrent Pharma Japan Co., Ltd. incorporated in Japan.
  5. 2005: Torrent Australasia Pty Ltd. included in Australia.
  6. 2005: The new manufacturing unit at Baddi, Himachal Pradesh, set up to cater to the domestic formulations market.
  7. 2005: It signed an agreement with Novo Nordisk India to establish a new, dedicated formulation and with the packaging facility for Insulin, exclusively for Novo Nordisk.
  8. 2005: The Company acquired Heumann Pharma GmbH & Co Generica KG, a Pfizer group company, in Germany.
  9. 2005: Two new marketing divisions such as AXON and NEURON, set up to cater to the neuropsychiatry section.
  10. 2005: The Company entered into the research collaboration with AstraZeneca for developing novel antihypertensive drug.
  11. 2004: The Torrent Pharma Philippines Inc. was set up.

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