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Torrent Power Limited or TORNTPOWER

The Torrent Power (TPL) is engaged in the generation, transmission, and distribution of power. The company forayed into the power section by acquiring the management control of Surat Electricity Company in the year 1996–97. And later in 1998–99, it received the management control of the Ahmedabad Electricity Company (AEC). In 2002–03, the company started setting up its 1147.5 MW combined cycle mega power project near Surat. And in the year 2004–05, the three companies such as Torrent Power AEC, and Torrent Power SEC and the Torrent Power Generation were merged into the Torrent Power. Currently, it is part of INR 45 billion Torrent Group, and the company has a generation capacity of about 1647.5 MW out of this 500 MW is operational, and the rest 1147.5 MW is under the implementation process. The company annually distributes about 10 billion units of power in the cities of Ahmedabad, and Gandhinagar, and Surat respectively. It also has an active base of about 1.9 million customers in these particular cities. The company created a success history by entering into India with the first distribution franchisee agreement with the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company for the Bhiwandi Circle in December 2006.

Some of the Power Generation units:

This particular company generates about 400 MW from its coal-based thermal power station which is located at the Sabarmati. It also has four thermal generating units with an installed capacity of about 60 MW, and 120 MW, and 110MW. Also, this facility was acknowledged as one of the best plants in India by the ministry of power in May 2004. The 100 MW of the balance is created from the dual–fuel based combined cycle power plant which is located at Vatva and the station also consists of two gas turbines each of 32.5 MW and with a steam turbine of about 35 MW capacity.

Some of the Group Companies:

  • Torrent Private
  • Torrent Pharmaceuticals
  • Torrent Cables

The Milestones:

  1. 2007–08:
Torrent Power Grid Ltd. obtains a license from CERC to setup the 400kV transmission lineTorrent Power signs MOU with GPCL for setting up the 1000+ MW coal-based power project at Pipavav in Gujarat.
  1. 2008–09:
Phase I of Torrent Power Grid Ltd transmission system commissioned, i.e., LILO of Vapi–Jhanor.
  1. 2009–10:
All three units of SUGEN Power Plant approved; commences commercial production Phase II of Torrent Power Grid Ltd transmission system commissioned i.e., LILO of Dehgam–JhanorTorrent Power signs the distribution franchise agreement with UPPCL for Agra and KanpurTorrent Power signs SHA with GPCL for setting up 1000+ MW coal-based plant at Pipavav, district Amreli, Gujarat.
  1. 2010–11:
    • Phase III of Torrent Power Grid Ltd transmission system commissioned, i.e., 141 km line connecting phase II with the Pirana substation of PGCILTorrent Power commences distribution operations in Agra, Uttar Pradesh effective from 1st April 2010 Torrent Power and its subsidiary.
  • Torrent Energy Ltd., awards EPC contract to Siemens for implementing UNOSUGEN (standalone 382.5 MW generation plant at its existing SUGEN plant location) and DGEN (1200 MW generation plant at Dahej SEZ) projects Torrent Energy Ltd., subsidiary of Torrent Power Ltd., commenced distribution operations in Dahej SEZ effective from 4th April 2010.

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