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UFO Moviez India Ltd was founded in 2004. It is a digital cinema company in India and operates the largest satellite-based cinema network in India, with over 10,000 screens across the country. The company has changed over the years by providing new technology to the cinema industry and expanding its footprint to new locations. The company is currently doing well, with a focus on digitizing the cinema experience and expanding its network.

As of 2021, the latest revenue figure was reported at INR 5,382.75 million with a profit of INR 822.50 million. The major product mix of the company is digital cinema solutions, including hardware and software solutions.

The major growth drivers for the future are the continued growth of the Indian film industry, the increasing popularity of digital cinema, and the shift from analog to digital cinema.

In the industry analysis, UFO Moviez faces competition from companies such as PVR Limited and Inox Leisure Limited, which are also engaged in digital cinema solutions and services in India.

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