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Stock Analysis Summary: UPL

UPL Technical and Fundamental Analysis

Date Open High Low LTP Close Volume Delivery Vol
2019-07-19 655.10 664.15 630.50 646.50 643.45 3,836,625 36%
2019-07-18 658.00 670.95 647.40 655.00 654.75 4,968,435 30%
2019-07-17 644.00 664.95 643.70 658.00 659.75 4,855,881 17%
2019-07-16 642.50 645.75 630.35 643.00 641.90 3,830,334 30%
2019-07-15 634.00 650.00 621.50 648.00 647.40 4,505,796 21%
2019-07-12 632.00 646.90 627.00 630.80 630.05 4,796,783 22%
2019-07-11 641.10 649.00 629.05 631.45 631.25 2,705,479 21%
*Markets are currently closed.

UPL breached the lows of past 2 days - 630 to act as intraday support.
UPL is trading near the highs of last 1 year.
In the medium term the prices have been in Downtrend.

UPL is trading near the middle of the day's range. Lower High and Lower Low compared to previous day. Bearish
Day's Range: 630.50 ~ 664.15
UPL opened at 655.10 compared to previous close of 654.75

1 candlestick pattern: none
2 candlestick pattern: none
3 candlestick pattern: none

UPL day chart has unfilled gap down on 2019-07-02: 658.90~935.55 to act as resistance.
UPL day chart has unfilled gap up dated: 2018-07-23 561.10~555.00 to act as support.

Classic Pivot

S4 545.08
S3 578.73
S2 612.38
S1 627.92
Pivot 646.03
LTP = 646.5
R1 661.57
R2 679.68
R3 713.33
R4 746.98

Woodie's Pivot

S4 570.98
S3 604.63
S2 617.56
S1 638.28
LTP = 646.5
Pivot 651.21
R1 671.93
R2 684.86
R3 705.58
R4 739.23

Fibonacci Pivots

S3 612.38
S2 625.23
S1 633.18
Pivot 646.03
LTP = 646.5
R1 658.89
R2 666.84
R3 679.68

Camarilla Pivots

S4 624.94
S3 634.2
S2 637.28
S1 640.37
LTP = 646.5
R1 646.53
R2 649.62
R3 652.7
R4 661.96

*pivot points are calculated based on the closing data of 2019-07-19

Day's Range (.)

20 Day Range (.)

50 Day Range (.)

52-Week Range (.)

20-Day SMA: 738.8

20-Day average volume: 5,332,116

UPL has average daily volume of 5,332,116 compared to today's volume of 3,837,000. It is currently trading Below 20 day simple moving average.

50-Day SMA: 890.0
50-Day average volume: 3,602,530

Short Term Trend is Down!!!

It is currently trading about 9% below it's 52-week high.

UPL Limited or UPL

The United Phosphorous (UPL) is a producer of crop protection products, intermediates, specialty chemicals, and other industrial chemicals, which was incorporated in the year 1969. It is also the largest producer of the agrochemicals in India and amongst the top five post-patent agrochemical manufacturers worldwide. It provides a range of products a..nd has developed more than 100 insecticides, and fumigants, and rodenticides, and fungicides PGR and herbicides. It is also a global player of crop protection products that has a potential customer base in 123 different countries. It also has subsidiary offices in many countries such as Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Bangladesh, China, Canada, Denmark, Indonesia, France, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Mauritius, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, Russia, Taiwan, South Africa, USA, UK, Zambia, and Vietnam. It also operates 23 manufacturing facilities in which 9 are located in India, 2 are located in Spain, and 4 are located in France, and 3 are located in Argentina and at last 1 is located in the UK, Italy, Vietnam, Netherlands, and China. All the units are certified under the ISO 9001 for quality assurance, and 14001 for the Environment Pollution Control norms and OHSAS 18001 for the health as well as safety.

Some of the Products:

Along with crop protection products, UPL also manufactures the plant growth and other regulatory outcomes. Under this section, it has created brands such as Saaf, Doom, Samar, Saathil, Jhatka, Renova, and Ratol, many others. UPL also manufactures Caustic Chlorine, White Phosphorus, Industrial Chemicals, and Specialty Chemicals. It has created brands like Copter, Vijeta, Uthane, Phoskill, Sweep, UMet, TikTok, Oorja, and many more. It also has a captive power plant that has a generating capacity of 48.5 MW.

Some Other Businesses:

  1. BEIL (Bharuch Enviro Infrastructure):
The UPL holds a majority stake, in this company. It has developed a centralized secured landfill facility. BEIL is engaged in the collection and disposing of the solid and hazardous wastes from member industries in the different regions.
  1. CEL (Chemo Electronic Laboratory):
It is a part of UPL's diversification strategy and one of the largest manufacturers of toxic gas detection devices in India; the only manufacturer of chemical detector tubes in India.
  1. ETL (Enviro Technology) has a common effluent treatment plant located in Gujarat, India.

Some Awards:

  1. 2010 – Finalist Nomination Award of Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year
  2. 2009 – Lifetime Achievement Award from CHEMXCIL
  3. 2008 – Rolta Corporate Award 2008

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