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In 1995, Welspun Corp, which was also earlier known as Welspun Gujarat Stahl Rohren (or WGSRL), a manufacturing hub for state-of-the-art pipe and associated niche products, was being incorporated. It is also the recommended choice for the energy transportation sector, such as oil, gas, or water. In the year 2010, it also changed its company name from Welspun Gujarat Stahl Rohren Ltd. to Welspun Corp Ltd. Also, WGSRL is a flagship company of the Welspun Group and the second-largest (large diameter) pipe producer globally (financial times the UK, 2008) and also the emerging company of the year (Economic Times Corporate Excellence Awards, 2008). Along with an influential culture of ‘Engineering Excellence,' it has been able to set to be the world's largest pipe corporation with an increased capacity from 1.5 million tons in a year to 1.8 million tons until March 2011. The company has supplied high-end pipes for most critical projects in the deepest of the ocean (Independence Trail Project, in the Gulf of Mexico) to the toughest terrain (Rockies Mountain, USA). Some clients also include Kinder Morgan, Transcanada, Enterprise, Texas Gas, Elpaso, British Petroleum, Hunt Oil, Saudi Aramco, Exxon Mobil, Qatar Petro DOW, Gazprom, and many more.

The Products of the Company:

Anjar – Spiral Mill 2, Anjar – L–Saw Mill, Anjar – HFERW Pipes (Mill1), Anjar – Bending Mill, Anjar – HFERW Pipes (Mill2), Anjar – Coating Mill, Dahej – L–Saw Mill, Dahej – Spiral Mill, and the Dahej – Coating Mill

The Subsidiary Company:

  • Welspun Tubular LLC

Some of the Group Companies:

  • Welspun India
  • Welspun Zucchi Textiles
  • Welspun Syntex
  • Welspun Global Brands
  • Welspun Retail
  • Welspun UK
  • Sorema, Portugal
  • Welspun Mexico SA DE CV
  • Welspun USA Inc.

Some of the Awards:

  • 2009: The National Awards for Export Excellence – Silver Trophy.
  • 2008: The Most Remarkable Company in Metal Pipes.
  • 2008: Also, the Emerging Company of the Year.
  • 2008: It became 2nd Largest Steel Pipe Producer in the World (Large Diameter).
  • 2007: It is also the fastest-growing company.
  • 2007: It is also the fastest-growing steel products company.
  • 2007: It is amongst the top 3 SAW Pipe Company worldwide.
  • 2007: It is amongst the 20 Companies to watch out for in the year 2008.
  • 2007: It is amongst the top 100 Corporates in the country.
  • 2006: Received the award for the highest export – Iron and Steel based product.
  • 2004: It is the fastest-growing steel products company.
  • 2001–03: Received the Export performance Awards.

Some of the Certifications:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • OHSAS 18001 certifications

Some of the Achievements:

  • It was the first to supply a large diameter line -pipes for offshore application to the USA.
  • It is also the first that produced the highest recognized line–pipe grade named as, X–80.
  • It was the first to complete the execution of 42” coated pipes to GAIL.
  • Also, the highest production recorded for a day for the LSAW plant was about 1,750 MT.
  • And the influential order book from the Middle East, Indonesia, US, and some other countries.
  • It was first to set up the plate-cum-coil mill, and one of the only three mills worldwide.
  • It was the first to set up a spiral pipe facility in Little Rock, Arkansas, the US, along with the capacity of producing about 300,000 tonnes per annum.
  • It was first to produce steel plates of up to 4.5 meters wide.

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