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Trading and Investment Terms


The Harami candlestick pattern is frequently used in forex trading to identify trend reversals or extensions.


The Harami candlestick is a Japanese candlestick pattern that comprises two candles which indicates a potential reversal or continuation in the market. 

The word ‘Harami’ is derived from the Japanese word for ‘pregnant’ which is representative of the Harami candlestick pattern. 


There are two types of Harami candlestick pattern:  

  1. Bullish 
  2. Bearish 

Detail about Pattern:

  • The Bullish Harami candle pattern is a reversal pattern appearing at the bottom of a downtrend. 
  • It consists of a bearish candle with a large body, followed by a bullish candle with a small body enclosed within the body of the prior candle

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