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Trading and Investment Terms

Irregular Flat

A type of Elliott wave correction that has a 3-3-5 wave pattern, where the B wave terminates beyond the start of wave A. 


A flat is in progress, implying that a larger pattern is developing. 

It will contain waves of one higher degree than the A-B-C waves just completed.



• A corrective 3 waves move labeled as ABC

• Subdivision of wave A and B is in 3 waves

• Subdivision of wave C is in 5 waves impulse / diagonal

• Subdivision of wave A and B can be in any corrective 3 waves structure including zigzag, flat, double three, triple three

• Wave B of the 3-3-5 pattern terminates beyond the starting level of wave A

• Wave C ends substantially beyond the end level of wave A

• Wave C needs to have momentum divergence