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Trading and Investment Terms

Market Price

The market price can be defined as the present price at which a security or service can be purchased or sold.


The economic theory states that the market price converges at a place where the powers of demand and supply meet.


Shocks to either the demand or supply can cause the market price for a product or service to be reconsidered and change.


It is essential to computing consumer and economic surplus.


The market price of a security is the latest price at which the security was exchanged.


It is the consequence of traders, investors, as well as dealers dealing with one another in a market.


To understand how a market price is determined, it is essential to learn some fundamental trading concepts.


All together for an exchange to happen, there must be a purchaser and a seller that meet at the similar price.


Bids are spoken by purchasers, and offers are spoken by sellers.


The bid can be defined as the higher price somebody is publicizing they will purchase at, while the offer can be defined as the lowest price somebody is promoting they will sell at.


For a security, this may be $60.51 and $60.52.


On the off chance that the purchasers no longer feel that is a decent price, they may drop their bid to $60.25.


The sellers may concur or they may not.


Somebody may drop their offer to a lower price, or it may remain where it is.


A exchange only happens if a seller is ready to deal with the bid price, or a purchaser is ready to deal with the offer price.