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Trading and Investment Terms

Option Cycle

Option cycle alludes to the expiry dates that apply to the various classes of options.


A recently listed option is allocated a cycle randomly to comprehensively circulate options across different periods of time.


An option cycle alludes to the cycle of months accessible for a listed option class.


Option cycles are integrated over the entirety of the options and futures trading markets.


Cycles are directed by regulatory administrations.


An investor will generally see accessible options by option class.


An option class can be defined as a group of calls or puts accessible on a stock.


Option classes are divided by call option contracts and put option contracts .


They are additionally arranged by strike price and listed consecutively by expiry.


Options are allocated one of 3 cycles at their listing.


Initially cycles were separated by 4 months.


In the year 1984 regulatory administrations concluded that a listed option ought to have the 2 front months accessible for its investors.


This modified the listing of options to incorporate the initial 2 front months followed by the next 2 months in the cycle.


There are 3 option cycles that a listed option can be allocated to on the options trading markets:


Cycle 1: JAJO – Comprises of the months: January, April, July and October


Cycle 2: FMAN - Comprises of the months: February, May, August and November


Cycle 3: MJSD - Comprises of the months: March, June, September and December