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Trading and Investment Terms


A wallflower can be described as a security in which the investment society has lost enthusiasm, bringing about low trading volumes.

A wallflower often sits in a disliked industry division.

Because of the general disregard shown towards these securities by traders, they might exchange at low price to earnings (P/E) ratio as well as price to book (P/B) ratio, resulting in creation potential value should consideration move toward them sometime in the future.

The expression wallflower derives from slang for people who stay outside of the general buzz and conversation at a social gathering, embracing the walls as opposed to interacting.

In the exchanging markets, wallflower securities in like manner sit all spruced up with no spot to go, hanging tight for consideration from financial specialists however commonly without doing much of anything to produce genuine interest.

That absence of intrigue can cause a snowball impact as investors disregard the stock and low exchanging volumes lead to unsure evaluating and wide bid ask spreads.

Scant data to suggest the security from the analyst network and vulnerability on pricing and value act as a hindrance for retail investors, making potential for such securities to languish further.

Some wallflowers with good fundamentals hold enough potential to attract investors, because the low price to earnings ratio or price to book ratio related with these organizations make them sensible candidates for value securities.