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Y2K is the shorthand expression for "the year 2000" normally used to allude to a broad computer programming shortcut that was believed to result in extensive devastation as the year moved from 1999 to 2000.

Rather than permitting four digits for the year, numerous PC programs just permitted two digits (e.g., 99 rather than 1999).

Subsequently, there was tremendous frenzy that PCs would be not able to work when the date slid from "99" to "00".

In the years and months paving the way to the turn of the thousand years, computer specialists and financial analysts expected that the switch from the two-digit year '99 to '00 would unleash destruction on computer systems going from aircraft reservations to fiscal databases to government frameworks.

A huge number of dollars were spent in the lead-up to Y2K in technology and programming to make patches and workarounds in order to resolve the bug.

While there were a couple of minor issues once January 1, 2000, showed up, there were no enormous glitches.

A few people attribute the smooth progress to significant efforts undertaken by organizations and government associations to correct the Y2K bug in ahead of time.

Others state that the issue was exaggerated in any case and wouldn't have caused critical issues.