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market update arrow JSW Steel sweetens offer by Rs 400 cr to close Bhushan Power dealarrow Flipkart to spin-off PhonePe, payments firm to be valued at $5.5 billionarrow Centre, farmers make some headway; another meeting on Dec 5 to break logjamarrow Ex-US Ambassador to India Richard Verma joins Mastercard as executive VParrow Fall in direct tax mop-up slows in November on better economic movementsarrow Optimistic about revival in Q3, says FinMin in monthly economic reviewarrow 15-yr-old Indian-American Gitanjali Rao named first 'TIME Kid of the Year'arrow India's next Budget to focus on boosting growth, says FM Sitharamanarrow After being hit by pandemic, Indian economy now recovering gradually: IMFarrow IndiGo scraps leave without pay for staff, says 70% pre-Covid level reachedarrow Airtel gains 2.3 million more subscribers than Reliance Jio in Septemberarrow Farmers' protests LIVE: Talks have made little progress, say unionsarrow Coronavirus LIVE: 5,182 new cases, 115 deaths in Maharashtra in past 24 hrsarrow Electric utilities stocks gain; Adani Power soars 20%, JSW Energy rises 14%arrow HDFC Bank dips 2% as RBI asks to halt digital launches, new credit cardsarrow Coronavirus vaccine update: UK, Russia to rollout vaccine from next weekarrow World Coronavirus Dispatch: How UK leaped ahead of US, EU to allow vaccinearrow DATA STORY: At 422,943, India's active Covid cases down to 2.3% of global countarrow Steel Authority of India hits 52-week high; stock zooms 55% in one montharrow rallies 10% after block deals; stock hits fresh 52-week higharrow CLSA sees 46% upside in SBI stock; raises target price to Rs 360arrow Bharti Infratel extends gain after Airtel hikes stake through open marketarrow Maruti Suzuki trades higher for the 4th straight day, hits over 11-mth higharrow Tata Chemicals surges 13% in two days after Tata Sons hikes stakearrow Just dedicating a day to the disabled won't help make their lives easier

FII Activity in F&O & cash

Date Type Buy Sell Net Amount OI
No. of contracts Amount (Crores) No. of contracts Amount (Crores) No. of contracts Amount (Crores) No. of contracts Amount (Crores)
03-12-2020 STOCK OPTIONS 53361.00 4315.01 53995.00 4365.47-634.00-50.4661738.00 4769.71
03-12-2020 STOCK FUTURES 207865.00 16086.34 201790.00 15551.966075.00534.381316760.00 101714.13
03-12-2020 INDEX OPTIONS 6459280.00 515481.63 6453587.00 515130.095693.00351.54642323.00 60870.22
03-12-2020 INDEX FUTURES 38854.00 3319.68 38188.00 3144.11666.00175.57152464.00 14427.39
02-12-2020 STOCK OPTIONS 52602.00 4283.16 52593.00 4279.489.003.6858848.00 4526.31
02-12-2020 STOCK FUTURES 174579.00 13563.23 168421.00 13101.496158.00461.741335881.00 102648.70
02-12-2020 INDEX OPTIONS 3835852.00 314176.20 3816963.00 312597.6118889.001578.59807976.00 75188.83
02-12-2020 INDEX FUTURES 40876.00 3449.87 52356.00 4531.78-11480.00-1081.91137206.00 13070.83
01-12-2020 STOCK OPTIONS 46295.00 3811.50 46007.00 3793.25288.0018.2553279.00 4084.55
01-12-2020 STOCK FUTURES 178821.00 13781.63 173798.00 13589.405023.00192.231333397.00 101991.41
01-12-2020 INDEX OPTIONS 2358516.00 196676.41 2355291.00 196660.003225.0016.41761987.00 71085.72
01-12-2020 INDEX FUTURES 32296.00 2784.32 37157.00 3266.51-4861.00-482.19143268.00 13685.53
27-11-2020 STOCK OPTIONS 56110.00 4544.68 57019.00 4616.88-909.00-72.2047381.00 3571.66
27-11-2020 STOCK FUTURES 387719.00 30034.63 435915.00 33769.72-48196.00-3735.091326954.00 100247.99
27-11-2020 INDEX OPTIONS 2550458.00 211743.76 2542969.00 210891.267489.00852.50712746.00 66774.07
27-11-2020 INDEX FUTURES 65739.00 5744.90 46140.00 3974.4219599.001770.48142457.00 13474.85
26-11-2020 STOCK OPTIONS 30176.00 2315.16 23058.00 1840.957118.00474.2122910.00 1733.74
26-11-2020 STOCK FUTURES 329713.00 24890.22 298970.00 22352.7430743.002537.481269642.00 94996.60
26-11-2020 INDEX OPTIONS 9772892.00 767041.66 9743648.00 764708.0629244.002333.60604327.00 56989.30
26-11-2020 INDEX FUTURES 83997.00 7282.49 84961.00 7399.95-964.00-117.46134752.00 12738.34
25-11-2020 STOCK OPTIONS 62045.00 5084.01 63228.00 5173.97-1183.00-89.9677970.00 5879.63
25-11-2020 STOCK FUTURES 464315.00 34466.15 448847.00 33218.5915468.001247.561299514.00 96032.33
25-11-2020 INDEX OPTIONS 6187699.00 503834.13 6194452.00 503802.13-6753.0032.001114957.00 102042.41
25-11-2020 INDEX FUTURES 104991.00 9103.25 123093.00 10906.08-18102.00-1802.83177275.00 16496.28
24-11-2020 STOCK OPTIONS 83704.00 6918.77 87789.00 7231.34-4085.00-312.5791333.00 7010.46
24-11-2020 STOCK FUTURES 590797.00 44495.80 602987.00 45403.30-12190.00-907.501316492.00 98604.19
24-11-2020 INDEX OPTIONS 2720138.00 219053.08 2689186.00 216509.1530952.002543.931027766.00 94745.94
24-11-2020 INDEX FUTURES 81783.00 7287.52 81196.00 7316.62587.00-29.10183403.00 17296.86

FII DII Stats For Cash Segment

Date Category Buy Amount (Rs. Crores) Sell Amount (Rs. Crores) Net Amount (Rs. Crores)
03-12-2020 FII/FPI 14473.15 10835.733637.42
03-12-2020 DII 4693.02 6132.76-1439.74

Click here to see FII/DII data for the whole month.

Foreign Institutional Investors (FII) in India

Who are FIIs? Basic requirements to be considered FII in India.

Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) are the organizations that are incorporated or established outside the country they are investing in. FIIs can make their investment proposals on the behalf of the sub-accounts which include foreign companies, investment trusts, partnership firms and individuals.

To be considered FII in India, a particular entity should need to be registered with SEBI and it can invest under PIS (Portfolio Investment Scheme). The investment limit for FIIs taken together with their sub-accounts is 24% of the capital paid up to an Indian Company.

In contrast, the DIIs (Domestic Institutional Investors) are the entities that make investments in the financial assets and securities of the country they belong to.

Importance of FIIs in Indian Stock Markets

FIIs holds a strong position in the Indian market and influence it greatly. There is no doubt that FIIs are the biggest market holder in India that dominate the market by holding significant portion of the free float. This holding is more than the retail holdings, DIIs holdings (which is only 20%) and the share held by the “others” category.

FII Favorite companies in India

There are lots of Indian companies which are preferred by the FIIs to invest in. Infosys, HDFC, HDFC Bank, Asian Paints are some of the darling companies of FIIs.

Do FIIs invest in India for a longer terms or they are only here for a quick money?

In short, you can say that FIIs don’t come with long-term commitment, though it can be possible in a few of the cases. FDI on the other hand is a longer term commitment.

As FIIs bring only foreign capital to India, it can be taken back any time. For an instance, if Warren Buffett’s company buys shares in India, then it can sell the shares back anytime. Thus, FIIs don’t come with lasting commitment, so there always remains the risk of losing capital in the form of FIIs outflows.

FII and the currency risk: Currency Hedging strategies

There is no doubt that the FIIs need to face the currency risks which include foreign and domestic inflation, the risk of interest rate and the exchange rate risks. But, the Reserve Bank of India now has allowed the foreign investors to approach the associated dealer band for hedging the currency risk of their investments. In addition to this, there are some currency hedging strategies that FIIs can use. These strategies are:

  • Hedging Against Downside Risk
  • Bear Put Spread Strategy
  • Buying a Long-Term Put Option
  • Using calendar spread

DO FIIs buy options and future in the derivative markets?

Yes, as the FIIs bring foreign capital to India, they invest in the F & O (Future and option market). FIIs can also write options or short futures, as required by their strategy.

Indian traders and investors keenly analyze FII data published by NSE India after the end of trading hours.

How is India different compared with other Emerging market economies?

The Indian market is different from the other emerging economies because the Indian equity market is more resilient. Though all the currencies have fallen against the most powerful currency- dollar. But, it is the only Indian Rupee that somehow managed to remain stable.

FII investments and Sensex (or Nifty) movement correlation

FIIs influence the Sensex to a great extent. The sensex increases in the case there are positive FIIs’ inflows and it decreases when there are negative inflows of the FIIs. However, according to the Pearson correlation, the sensex movements are affected by FII inflows and there exists a positive correlation between the movement of Sensex and the particular FII entity.