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In 1931, the company was incorporated, and it is a footwear manufacturing company, which was earlier, also known as Bata Shoe Company. But later in 1973, its name was being changed to the present one. The company started to manufacture types of footwear for all the men, women, and children. Also, the company manufactured shoes with different quality materials such as rubber, leather, canvas, and PVC shoes. The Bata Group also has a worldwide presence in about 5 continents, and it serves approximately 1 million customers each day and operates more than 4,600 retail stores worldwide. And, before the incorporation of Bata, the footwear was being manufactured by the handicrafts and small business sectors. Then, in 1932, it started to manufacture footwear with its small operation unit that is located at Konnagar (near Calcutta). Currently, it has about five factories that are located at Bataganj, (in Bihar), Batanagar, (in West Bengal), Faridabad, (in Haryana), Peenya, (in Karnataka) and the Hosur, (in Tamil Nadu). Currently, the company has become the largest shoe company in the country in terms of sales and revenues. The company commands approximately 35% of the market share in India, and about 98% of the company's revenue comes from the domestic operation. The brand owns about 1250 stores that are spread across the country. BIL’s manufacturing unit became the first Indian shoe company to receive the ISO: 9001 certifications. Currently, the company is selling over 45 million pairs of shoes per year, and it has an annual sales turnover of more than INR 8000 million (or USD 178 million). Currently, it also owns some brands such as Hush Puppies, Dr. Scholls, Marie Claire, North Star, Power, Bubblegummers, Ambassador, Comfit, and Wind.

Some of the Milestones:

  • In 2010, the Company won the 'Consumer Awards 2010' as the 'India's Most Preferred Retailer' being given by CNBC Awaaz.
  • The Company was awarded the Amity Corporate Excellence Award in 2009 during a ceremony that was held in Amity Business School, NOIDA on February 27th, 2009. It also received the award consequently for the third time.
  • Also, Business Week listed Bata India in the list of “The world’s 25 Unsung Innovative Companies” in its issue of May 2009. Also, the report was compiled by Boston Consulting Group and the Business Week’s partner in the Annual Most Innovative Companies Special.
  • It was awarded for the Outstanding Sales performance for the Year 2008 for the Hush Puppies by Wolverine Group- it was announced in May 2009 in Michigan.
  • In June 2009, the Brand Equity recognized Bata in the TOP 50 Most Trusted Brands. The company is also the only lifestyle retailer in the top 50 brands.
  • The Company was awarded the prestigious Images award of the year for the Most Admired Retailer of the Year- Fashion & Lifestyle in Mumbai as on September 16, 2009. Also, other nominees in the same category were Benetton, Levis, Wills Lifestyle, Bata, Louis Phillipe, and Titan.
  • Images Fashion Forum awarded it the Most Admired Footwear Brand in 2009, and the ceremony was being held in Mumbai on January 28, 2009.
  • It also received the Amity HR Excellence Award for the Corporate Ethics on 28th August 2009 in a ceremony that was held at Amity Business School, NOIDA.
  • The Company was being selected as a POWERBRAND in the POWERBRANDS 2010. The particular selection was made after an extensive pan India research that was conducted by the Indian Council for Marketing Research to select The Most Powerful Brands in India in 2009.

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