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EIL or Engineers India was incorporated in 1965 and is also engaged in the business of providing engineering and associated technical services for petroleum refineries and several other industrial projects. It has also broadened its activities in other areas such as petrochemicals, pipelines, oil and gas processing, fertilizers, offshore structures and platforms, metallurgy, and power. It has also emerged as Asia's leading design and engineering company that offers a complete spectrum of project services. To provide its services, t also explored new areas such as IT, highways and bridges, airports, ports and terminals, mass rapid transport systems, power projects, specialist materials, and maintenance services, intelligent buildings, non-conventional/renewable energy sources, urban development projects, and water. It also received ISO 9001:2000 certifications for quality management and has headquarters in New Delhi, and it also has several branch offices located at Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, and Vadodara. Overseas, its offices are situated in Abu Dhabi, London, Kuwait, Qatar, Australia, and Malaysia. It operates a wholly-owned subsidiary such as EIL Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd in Malaysia and the Certification Engineers International, which is engaged in the business of undertaking independent certification and also third party inspection assignments. It has formed strategic alliances with various companies such as the UK-based VAI Industries for iron and steel plants; Deutsche Montan Technologies GmbH of Germany for coke oven-by product plants/gas cleaning systems; IOCL (R&D) for technology and catalyst for DHT and hydrotreater projects in India; GAIL India for overseas projects in LPG extraction and Pipeline transfer and many more. EIL has set up 50:50 joint venture companies with Tata Projects viz., TEIL Projects for undertaking EPC projects for hydrocarbon, power and other sectors has already been incorporated. For executing EPC projects in UAE, the company has formed a JV with Tecnimont S.p.A., Italy. EIL is capable of providing services from concept to commissioning in petroleum , refining, petrochemicals, pipelines, onshore oil and gas, offshore oil and gas, mining and metallurgy, terminals and storages, infrastructure sector and its association with the clients extend beyond the commissioning of their plants via monitoring the operation of each plant and accumulating its feedback on its performance.

The Company provides its services in the following modes:

  1. Project Implementation Services (EPCM) such as Conceptual Studies, Feasibility Studies, Detailed Project Reports, FEED Package, Basic Design Engineering Package (BDEP) Project Management, Planning & Scheduling, Cost Engineering, Process Design, Detailed Engineering, Procurement Services, Construction Management & Supervision, Commissioning and plant startup assistance, etc.
  2. Project Management Consultancy (PMC) Services.
  3. Specialist Services such as Engineering & Technology Development and Design, Heat & Mass Transfer Equipment Design, Information Technology Services, Energy Conservation Services, Environmental Engineering, Specialist Materials and Maintenance Services, Plant Operations & Safety that includes HAZOP Studies, Safety Integrity Levels (or SIL) studies and Risk Analysis, Optimization Studies, and Yield and Energy.
  4. The Engineering, Procurement & Construction (or EPC)/Lumpsum Turnkey (or LSTK) Contracts.
  5. Open Book converted LSTK Projects:
The Company signed the Memorandum of Understanding (or MoU) for the year 2011-2012, along with the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas. So, it targets higher turnover and gross margin along with a thrust on holistic growth encompassing HRD, R&D, Customer Satisfaction, CSR initiatives, and Sustainable Development. Some of the Milestones:
  • 1965: Engineers India (or EIL) was incorporated.
  • 1967: It became a wholly-owned government company.
  • 1969: It diversified its business activities into the petrochemicals.
  • 1975-1980: It enhanced its skill in the areas of process plant services such as safety, operations, materials, environmental engineering.
  • 1981: It started using computers at construction sites. Within the same year, it set up a procurement office in Tokyo.
  • 1989: It set up an R&D Centre at Gurgaon.
  • 1992: It established an engineering office in Qatar and also entered a joint–venture with AMEC, UK.
  • 1993: It set up regional offices in both Chennai and Vadodara.
  • 1994: It incorporated its wholly-owned subsidiary such as EIL Asia Pacific Sdn. Bhd. EIL received the ISO 9001 certification for its quality management.
  • 1995: It formed a wholly-owned subsidiary such as Certification Engineers International.
  • 1998: It expanded its business activities by venturing into LNG and Refinery Residue being based on Power Plants.
  • 1999: It started operations in the area of turnkey contracting-ventured in the area of offshore platforms and offsite automation.
  • 2000: Its MOU received the highest rating among all PSUs under the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas.
  • 2001: It diversified its business activities in many new infrastructure and other areas. Its performance was enhanced to 1.017(2000-01) and was also ranked as no.1 among the PSEs from the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas.
  • 2002: It also received a prestigious MNW Platform from ONGC on the Lumpsum Turnkey basis.

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