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Siemens Limited or SIEMENS

The history of Siemens goes way back to the year 1847 when Werner von Siemens founded it and invented the world's the first pointer telegraph and electric dynamo. It was incorporated in the year 1957 in the country. It has emerged as one of the leading inventors, and innovators, and implementer of the leading-edge technology which enables the solutions operating in the core business sections such as Industry, and Energy, and Healthcare. The Group's business is also represented by various companies that span across these different sections. Siemens has brought to India state of the art technology, which adds value to the customers via a combination of multiple high–end technologies for a complete solution. The Group has both the competence as well as the capability to integrate all the products, and systems, and services. Also, it caters to Industry needs across different market sections by undertaking complete projects such as Hospitals, Airports, and Industrial units as well. The Siemens Group in India also comprises of 17 companies, which provides direct employment to about 18,000 persons. And currently, the Group has 21 manufacturing plants, an extensive network up of the Sales and Service offices across India as well as about 500 channel partners. And today, the company is providing its world-class solutions while also playing a crucial role in India's quest for developing the modern infrastructure. In May 2011, the company received the Certificate of Registration from the RBI or Reserve Bank of India to operate a non–banking finance company for its financial services business in India named Siemens Financial Services Private Limited or SFSPL. It focuses on the development of an asset financing business by offering products such as loans, leasing, and other financial products as permitted by the RBI to the Siemens customers in India in the Industry, and Energy and other Healthcare sectors, as well as pursuing various opportunities in different third-party market. In August 2011, the Healthcare Sector of the company also installed five states of the art medical technologies at the Kovai Medical Center & Hospital in Coimbatore, while raising quality and the efficiency of healthcare availability in that particular city. By making its presence for the first time in Tamil Nadu, these technologies allowed highly accurate and early diagnosis of all the kinds of ailments, and thus aiding the correct treatment.


  • The company has won INR 319 crores order from the PGCIL
  • Siemens that reached a milestone of the 100th Gas Insulated Switchgear.

The different Business Sections:

  1. Automation and Controls:
The Intelligent system solutions from building automation to the process control to plant various operating systems.
  1. Energy:
It consolidates its innovative offerings in the Energy sector by combining its full range of expert knowledge in the areas of Power Generation (PG) and the Power Transmission & lastly Distribution (PTD).
  1. Healthcare:
This division also enables clinicians to diagnose the disease earlier and more accurately, making a decisive contribution to the improvement in the quality of Healthcare.
  1. Lighting:
The Osram, which is a Siemens company, is one of the world's largest lighting companies. Its lamps can be found on famous landmarks, and building interiors and even the living rooms all over.
  1. Mobility:
The Products and solutions in railway signaling and safety systems, with traffic control and automation, and electrification, and traction equipment for locomotives, and multiple unit systems and at last the mass transit vehicles.
  1. Building Technologies:
Siemens Building Technologies are specialized in meeting the growing demand for increased personal safety and the more secured public as well as private infrastructures by the electronic security and building automation systems.

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