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Founder: Sudesh Kumar Gupta

Founded: 1993

Headquarters: Kaushambi Uttar Pradesh


APL Apollo Tubes Limited is a steel tube manufacturer.

Manufacturing Products

  • Black pipe, 
  • Galvanized pipe,
  • Pre-galvanized pipe
  • Coils. 


  • MS Black Round Tubes
  • Galvanized Iron Tubes 
  • Pre Galvanized Tubes 
  • Hollow Sections 
  • API Tubes  
  • Dynamically Balanced Tubes. 

Some special products  

  1. Hollow section pipe
  2. Window section
  3. Flat oval/capsule section
  4. Handrail 
  5. D-section
  6. Elliptical tube 
  7. Narrow section. 

Products' Application

  • Liquid transmission 
  • Idlers
  • Mechanical
  • General engineering
  • Water wells
  • Fencing
  • Underground piping
  • Refineries
  • Scaffolding 
  • Cabling  
  • Ducting
  • Automotive (bus body)
  • Greenhouse structures
  • Construction
  • Storage system 
  • Transmission tower. 

Six manufacturing facilities are located in Sikandrabad, Uttar Pradesh; Bangalore, Karnataka, Hosur, Tamil Nadu, and Murbad Maharashtra.


  1. 1986: The Company set up its first manufacturing plant in Sikandrabad Gaziabad.
  2. 1993: The Company became public Ltd. Co.
  3. 1994: Received ISO Certificate
  4. 2007: APL Apollo Acquired Apollo Metalex Private Ltd.
  5. 2008: Acquired Shri Lakshmi Metal Udyog Ltd.
  6. 2010: Lylods Line pipes Ltd. Plant near Mumbai.
  7. 2010: Name of the Organization Changed from Bihar Tubes to APL Apollo Tubes Ltd.
  8. 2015: APL Apollo launches steel frames to boost low-cost housing.
  9. 2015: APL Apollo launches color coated pipes for the first time in India.
  10. 2019: The Company became a principal sponsor for Delhi Capital in the Indian Premier League.
  11. 2019: The Haryana steelers in the pro-Kabaddi League.
  12. 2019: The Bengaluru FC in Indian Super League.
  13. 2019: Thr Company Roped in Actor AMITAB BACHCHAN as Brand AMBASSADOR for all brands of APL.


2016: APL ltd crossed the milestone of one lakh ton steel tubes per month.

2017: Awarded as the ''Best Company of the Year'' as India's Best steel Pipes and Tubes.

2019: IIT Roorkee & APL Apollo Tubes signed a memorandum of understanding to provide Research and Training Facilities.


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