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In 1978, the company was being incorporated as the Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation (India), is also engaged in the power generation as well as distribution in the state of West Bengal. The Company is a fully integrated power utility with its operation spanning the complete value chain such as from mining coal to generating power, and then the distribution of power. In 1983, the company commissioned the Titagarh generating station that has a capacity of about 240 MW. It also partly solved the power shortage issue in Calcutta. On 1 January 1987, the company name was being changed to CESC and being the part of RPG Group, the company made Calcutta a free of load shedding as well as brought in new power connections. Such connections were a fault–free supply, with quick response to local failures, and complaint-free billing and had the swift redressal of customer grievances. Also, the RPG Group has a specific business interest in cables, tires, power transmission, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals, retail and consumer marketing, hotel and tourism, agribusiness, and entertainment. It has also set up 135 MW Southern generation station, and it also started supply since September 1990. In May 1991, the second unit started its supply. The Company also decided to add 500MW to its current capacities. For this project, it also took some financial support from the international lending agencies such as the Asian Development Bank at Manila and the IFC at Washington. Currently, it operates the four pulverized fuel (pf) fired stations such as Budge Budge, Southern, and Titagarh. The company's customer base is 2.4 million, and it also received ISO 14000 and ISO 9000 certifications for its quality management. Also, the company has a total generation capacity of 975 MW. The company owns two subsidiaries, namely CESC Properties running a business under real estate and Spencer’s Retail (SRL), which is engaged in running retail stores. For about more than a decade, it has been in the power business, and it has also been the very first power company in the Indian subcontinent. It has also been a driver of both growth and development. In 2010–11, the company formed two subsidiaries, such as Bantal Singapore Pte Ltd and CESC Projects Pvt Ltd.

Some of the Achievements:

  • Its Southern Generating Station received ITC Annual Award (Eastern Region) for its safe and secure measures.
  • Also, it was given a certificate of merit from CII for all of its safety measures.
  • The CESC's Southern Generating Station received 2nd Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Award for executing the Zero Discharge System.
  • In 2005, the Company was awarded 'National Award for fly ash utilization' from the Ministry of Power, MOEF and Department of Science & Technology.
  • In 2007, the Southern Generating Station also received the Environment Excellence award from ICC and WBPCB.

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