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NMDC LTD. 96.40 0.05 (0.05%)

  • BSE: 590103
  • |
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  • ISIN NO: INE584A01023
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  • INDUSTRY: Mining


National Mineral Development Corporation or NMDC

It was incorporated in 1958 as a Government of India wholly owned public enterprise. It comes under the administrative control of the Ministry of Steel, Government of India. And since inception, it is involved in the exploration of a wide range of minerals which includes iron ore, and copper, rock phosphate, limestone, dolomite, gypsum, bentonite, magnesite, diamond, tin, tungsten, graphite, beach sands, and many more ... . It is also India's single largest iron ore producer and exporter, which is presently producing about 30 million tonnes of the iron ore from three fully mechanized mines which are Bailadila Deposit–14/11C, and Bailadila Deposit–5, 10/11A in Chhattisgarh State and lastly Donimalai Iron Ore Mines in Karnataka State, and all of these are awarded the ISO 9001–2000 certification. It is the only mechanized diamond mine in India with a capacity of 1.00 lakh carats per annum at Panna in the Madhya Pradesh. This particular mine remained non–operational since August 22, 2005, according to the directives of the MP Pollution Control Board. And now, when the issues have been resolved, and the formal orders had been received from the state government on June 19, 2009, the mining operations have taken up a quick pace. It has a secure back up of an ISO 9001 certification R&D Centre, which has also been declared as one of the 'Centre of Excellence' in the field of mineral processing by the Expert Group of UNIDO. It has also made some of the most valuable and substantial contributions to the national efforts specifically in the mineral sector during the last five decades & also has been accorded the status of the schedule–A Public Sector Company. If we keep the recognition of the company's growing status and consistently excellent performance, then it has been categorized by the renowned Department of Public Enterprises as the 'Navratna' Public Sector Enterprise in 2008. The NMDC is also in the process of merging the Sponge Iron India Limited with the plan for expansion to produce the billets. And besides iron ore, it also plans to go for other minerals such as coal, diamond, gold, and many more as the company is now looking forward to leases or to buy properties from the foreign countries directly or Joint Ventures or under the Special Purpose Vehicle. It has set a Global Exploration Centre at Raipur, Chhattisgarh for continuing the exploration activities. And is now taking up various diversification activities via its intensive R&D efforts for the production of high–tech as well as top value-added products from the Blue Dust such as carbon-free sponge iron powder, and nanocrystalline powder. Many studies are also being conducted for setting up a specific demonstration plant to beneficiate the BHJ/BHQ material for up-gradation to +64% Fe iron ore concentrate. It is investing in the development of renewable energy resources such as an environmentally friendly investment. There is also a windmill project of 10.5MW capacity which has been completed and commissioned in Karnataka. It has always shown a significant concern for environment protection. Some of the examples which can be taken in this regard are the tree plantation and making tailing dams/check dams at various places.

Some of the Operating Mines:

  1. Bailadila iron ore mine, Kirandui Complex
  2. Bailadila iron ore mine, Bacheli Complex
  3. Donimalai
  4. Panna
This particular company serves clients such as MMTC, Rashtriya Ispat Nigam (VSP), Ispat Industries, Essar Steel, Vikram Sponge Iron, Sponge Iron India, JSW Steel, KIOCL, Aparant Iron & Steel Company, Visvesvaraya Iron & Steel Plant, Lanco Industries, Tata Metalliks, Kirloskar Ferrous Industries, Southern Iron & Steel Company and the CG based Sponge Iron Units.

Some of the Divisions:

  1. Investigation – In the early sixties, it had the task to investigate the known mineral occurrences in the country, which could be commercially exploited. And the name continues regarding their potential threats. The company has explored various nationally and internationally areas of the iron ore, limestone & dolomite, copper, diamonds, bentonite, emerald, magnesite, rock phosphate, sapphire and tungsten, and graphite.
  1. Resource Planning – During the last four decades, it has developed various mining projects, and during this course of development of these mines, the company has significantly gained enough practical experience in the fields of prospecting as well as mining.
  1. Engineering – At the headquarters of NMDC, it has established a well-organized engineering department which includes the experienced engineers in particular disciplines of mechanical, civil, electrical, and mineral dressing and mining. Such experts are heading these various disciplines to obtain practical working experience in different operations of both mines and plants. The Department is also equipped with the project management software named PRIMA VERA.

Some of the Awards:

  1. 2010: The Life Time Achievement Award
  2. 2012:
  • The Mining Engineer of the Year
  • The Corporate Management Excellence Award for 2012 – 13
  1. 2013:
  • The HR Leadership Award
  • Steelies– 2013 – Award.
  1. 2014: The Efficient Navratna award.

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Key Data
  • Market cap 25000.00 CR.
  • Book value 89.93
  • Stock P/E 10
  • Dividend Yield 6.47%
  • ROCE 22.74%
  • ROE 13.65%
  • Sales Growth (3Y) 9.84%
  • Face Value (3Y) 1.00
Trend Analysis
  • Short Term Trend :
  • Medium Term Trend :
  • Long Term Trend :
    Not Clear

Are you friends with trend?

There is a saying in stock market, "Trend is your best friend"

It means, a good trader doesn't place his money against the trend. Many new traders lose money because they are trying to catch trend reversals but seasoned traders wait for a clear trend to emerge before taking the trade in the direction of trend.

Day Technicals

What is Opening Range Breakout?

An opening range breakout is breaking out of the day's range after a stock has moved for some time in a sideways trend. In technical terms, its a breakout from the support and resistance level in an upward or downward trend.


What is NR7 trading strategy?

Narrow Range trading strategy or NR7 Trading strategy is a breakout based method which assumes that the price of security trends up or down after a brief consolidation in a narrow range.

Opening Price clues

How to use Opening Price Clues in your trades?

If the stock has same open and high after it has traded for some time, it implies there was a consistent selling pressure that didn't allow the stock to move higher from the opening price. Similarly, if the stock has same open and low price, it implies there was a consistent buying intent that kept the stock price above the opening price.

Day High Low Range
10 AM - -
11 AM - -
12 PM - -
1 PM - -
2 PM - -
Japanese Candlestick Patterns
Candle Pattern 1 :None
Candle Pattern 2 : None
Candle Pattern 3 :None
Candlestick Price Action
Higher High Higher Low
Pivot Points
Name S4 S3 S2 S1 Pivot Points R1 R2 R3 R4
classic 86.10 88.65 91.20 92.15 93.75 94.70 96.30 98.85 101.40
woodie's 86.97 89.52 91.16 92.08 93.71 94.62 96.26 97.18 99.72
fibonacci - 91.20 92.17 92.78 93.75 94.72 95.33 96.30 -
camarilla 91.70 92.40 92.63 92.87 -- 93.33 93.57 93.80 94.50
Past Performance & Moving Averages
10 DAY 90.00
94.87 3.05 % 1.48 %
20 DAY 80.80
91.80 6.94 % 5.01 %
50 DAY 75.60
86.19 17.57 % 10.14 %
100 DAY 75.60
88.24 1.10 % 13.98 %
200 DAY 61.55
85.52 33.63 % 40.86 %
YTD 61.55
90.35 -24.22 % 6.75 %
52 Week 61.55
95.32 -5.35 % 7.33 %

Why are moving Averages important in technical Analysis?

An opening range breakout is breaking out of the day's range after a stock has moved for some time in a sideways trend. In technical terms, its a breakout from the support and resistance level in an upward or downward trend.

Gaps On Day Chart
Industry Growth Rate

In Last 1 Year the industry has grown by 3.83 %

In Last 5 Year the industry has grown by -3.93 %

Peer comparison


COMPANY NAME 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
NMDC 12058.00 12356.00 6456.00 8828.00 11615.00 12153.00
MOIL 822.00 632.00 978.00 1314.00 1438.00
ASHAPURMIN 1083.23 1752.84 1775.35 832.90 794.36 621.37
20MICRONS 327.00 356.00 357.00 392.00 427.00 480.00
Total 4489.41 3821.71 2305.09 2757.73 3537.59 3673.09


1 NMDC LTD. 29454.60 96.20 90.91 15.08 7.55 15.09 173.10% 12153.00 4619.00 38.01% 4.63% 21.30% 4.86% 0.55%
2 ASHAPURA MINECHEM LTD. 26003.74 29.85 -49.45 621.37
3 20 MICRONS LTD. 9187.91 26.00 47.03 7.06 4.94 1.39 3.14% 480.00 25.00 5.21% 12.41% 31.58% 13.36% 37.97%
4 MOIL LTD. 2940.67 123.80 133.04 18.57 7.99 1.85 1438.00 478.00 33.24% 9.44% 14.63%

What is Sales Trend ?

Sales trend is a methodology to understand sales results which helps in understanding the trends of the market over a specific period of time. Sales results are an indicative of the sales patterns followed by the customer over a time period.


What is Profit & EPS Trend ?

EPS Trends was initially built in late 2015 when I was just getting into frontend development. Coming from a background in Rails, I was frustrated with how many decisions you had to make early on as a javascript developer.

Net Profit

What is EBITDA Margin & EBIT Margin ?

Corporate accounting is required to adhere to the standards and practices collectively referred to as the generally accepted accounting principles. EBITDA is an excellent way for corporate accountants to start compiling data, but it should not be considered an absolute result. This is due to the fact that many consider EBITDA more of a broad stroke than a definitive form of accounting practice.

EBIT Margin
Cash Flow

Why is the Cash Flow Analysis important?

A business needs cash to pay its expenses, to pay bank loans, to pay taxes and to purchase new assets. A cash flow report determines whether a business has enough cash to do exactly this.

Operating Activities
Financing Activities
Investing Activities
Financial Health

What Is Financial Health?

Financial health is a term used to describe the state of one's personal monetary affairs. There are many dimensions to financial health, including the amount of savings you have, how much you’re putting away for retirement, and how much of your income you are spending on fixed or non-discretionary expenses.

Debt to Equity
Piotroski Score
  • 0
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9

What Is the Piotroski Score?

The Piotroski score is a discrete score between 0-9 that reflects nine criteria used to determine the strength of a firm's financial position.

Altman Z Score (Mfg Company)
  • Distress (< 1.81)
  • 2.55
    Caution (>1.81 < 2.99)
  • Safe (3 & above)
Altman Z Score (Non-Mfg Company)
  • Distress ( < 1.23)
  • Caution (>1.23 < 2.6)
  • 5.53
    Safe (2.6 & above)

What Is Valuation?

Valuation is the analytical process of determining the current (or projected) worth of an asset or a company. There are many techniques used for doing a valuation. An analyst placing a value on a company looks at the business's management, the composition of its capital structure, the prospect of future earnings, and the market value of its assets, among other metrics.

NMDC: Future
NMDC20DECFUT 32870200.00 25500200.00 96.90 6700 2020-12-31
NMDC21JANFUT 522600.00 455600.00 96.95 6700 2021-01-28
NMDC21FEBFUT 20100.00 26800.00 99.05 6700 2021-02-25
ROLLOVER COST: 0.05% (INR 0.05)
What is the significance of Rollover data?

Rollover in an important data point and should be analyzed in the expiry week. Rollover involves carry forwarding of ‘futures’ positions from one series (which is nearing expiry date) to the next one.

Rollover percentage actually indicates whether the traders are willing to carry forward their existing. positions (long or short) to the next series or not. Generally, the rollover figures alone will not indicate which direction traders are betting on. You should also check whether absolute open interest is increasing or decreasing over expiries

What is Options Max Pain Theory?

Options Max Pain Theory suggests,

“On option expiration day, the underlying stock price often moves toward a point that brings maximum loss to option buyers.”

Ratio Analysis

The Bank was incorporated in the year 2004 by Rana Kapoor and Late Ashok Kapur, which is a new age private sector bank. And since the inception of the bank has fructified into a “Full-Service Commercial Bank,” it has steadily built Corporate and Institutional Banking, Financial Markets, Investment Banking, Corporate Finance, Branch Banking, Business and Transaction Banking, and Wealth Management business lines across the whole country.

It is well-equipped to offer a spectrum of products and services to all the corporate and retail customers.

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Bulk Deals
Symbol Name Deal Date Client Name Transcation Type Quantity Price
Block Deals
Symbol Name Deal Date Client Name Transcation Type Quantity Price
NMDC 2017-12-06 SOCIETE GENERALE P 497709.00 131.60
Dividend history
Ex Date Amount
2020-02-18 5.29
2019-03-22 5.52
2018-03-27 4.30
2017-09-14 1.00
2017-03-16 4.15
2016-03-30 1.50
2016-02-24 9.50
2015-09-21 1.30
2015-02-18 4.25
2014-11-13 3.00
2014-02-17 5.50
2013-11-07 3.00
2013-09-19 4.00
2013-02-28 1.00
2012-11-22 2.00
2012-09-13 2.50
2012-02-09 1.00
2011-11-17 1.00
2011-09-15 2.15
2011-02-10 1.15
2010-07-29 1.00
2010-02-04 0.75
2009-08-20 1.18
2009-02-19 1.03
2008-08-04 0.54
2008-01-30 23.10
2007-11-01 10.00
2007-08-14 8.50
2007-01-18 19.00
2006-10-19 0.00
2006-07-14 8.42
2006-02-02 11.54
2005-10-31 7.69
2005-07-04 7.60
2005-02-03 3.85
2004-08-04 3.50
2003-08-28 3.00
2002-08-28 2.50
Bonus Data
Company Name Split Date From Value To Value
NMDC LTD. 2008-05-21 2.00 1.00
Split Data
Company Name Split Date From Value To Value